Learning DHTMLX Suite UI

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  • Understand the benefits of DHTMLX and other libraries
  • Download and install DHTMLX as a suite
  • Set up JavaScript objects to manage data and component interactions
  • Learn about the initialization and manipulation of Layouts, Grids, Toolbars, Windows, Forms, and Charts
  • Use events to sync interactions
  • Utilize form validations and calendar pickers
  • Employ JSON data structures for Grids and Charts
  • Create a single-page JavaScript application with DHTMLX components

JavaScript applications provide an excellent user experience for small to large scale enterprise applications. The amazing growth of JavaScript has opened the door for many great libraries such as DHTMLX.

"Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" will teach you how to use these libraries effectively so you can make presentations that will take your employer’s/ client’s breath away!

"Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" is a step-by-step guide that will teach you the basics of DHTMLX library components and how to apply them in a real-world scenario. This book will start with the installation of DHTMLX before moving on to explore the features of DHTMLX and helping you to create your first user management application.

"Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" will guide you through the installation of DHTMLX as a single-page application. As you progress from one chapter to the next, you will gradually build a simple user management application. You will also learn how to create forums with validation and how to use grids to add and edit users. The book will also suggest the best practices for using toolbars and refreshing data. With "Learning DHTMLX Suite UI Guide", you will be inspired to come up with your own great ideas for your future application development projects.

  • Learn how to install and use DHTMLX methods and events
  • Store data in HTML5 local storage
  • Learn how to develop a client-side application using DHTMLX and browser tools
Page Count 132
Course Length 3 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781849699334
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2013


Eli Geske

Eli Geske is an entrepreneurial graphics designer turned programmer. He has been involved in web applications from creating and enhancing online gaming communities, to building applications that improve company's efficiency. He has also invented products, put in for patents, and pushed them to market. His programming skills range from JavaScript, PHP, and C# which he uses in the medical industry, payment processing industry, and on custom order management sites. He also has a degree in computer science, focusing on networking and web server administration. His knowledge of DHTMLX springs from his daily engagements in a current large scale medical application. Some other of Eli's writings and public offerings can be viewed on his blog www.eligeske.com or on eligeske.github.com.