Learning D3.js 5 Mapping - Second Edition

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  • Work with SVG geometric shapes
  • Learn to manage map data and plot it with D3.js
  • Add interactivity and points of interest to your maps
  • Compress and manipulate geoJSON files with the use of topoJSON
  • Learn how to write testable D3.js visualizations
  • Build a globe with D3.js and Canvas and add interactivity to it.
  • Create a hexbin map with D3.js

D3.js is a visualization library used for the creation and control of dynamic and interactive graphical forms. It is a library used to manipulate HTML and SVG documents as well as the Canvas element based on data. Using D3.js, developers can create interactive maps for the web, that look and feel beautiful.

This book will show you how build and design maps with D3.js and gives you great insight into projections, colors, and the most appropriate types of map.

The book begins by helping you set up all the tools necessary to build visualizations and maps. Then it covers obtaining geographic data, modifying it to your specific needs, visualizing it with augmented data using D3.js. It will further show you how to draw and map with the Canvas API and how to publish your visualization. By the end of this book, you'll be creating maps like the election maps and the kind of infographics you'll find on sites like the New York Times.

  • Dive into D3.js and apply its powerful data binding ability in order to create stunning visualizations
  • Learn the key concepts of SVG, JavaScript, CSS and the DOM to bring data and shapes to live in the browser
  • Solve common problems faced while building interactive maps
  • Acquire key web development skills from the creating your interactive to testing and finally publishing it.
Page Count 298
Course Length 8 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781787280175
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2017


Thomas Newton

Thomas Newton has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, creating highly scalable and flexible software solutions for clients. During this period, he has developed a broad range of expertise ranging from data visualizations, to large-scale cloud platforms, to continuous delivery and DevOps. When not going in a new technology, he spends time with his beautiful family.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal has been building web applications and visualizations for the past 15 years. He's worked with all kinds of businesses and organizations globally, helping them visualize and interact with data in more meaningful ways. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kid, as well as hanging from the edge of a rock wall when climbing.

Lars Verspohl

Lars Verspohl has been modeling and visualizing data for over 15 years. He works with businesses and organisations from all over the world to turn their often complex data into intelligible interactive visualizations. He also writes and builds stuff at datamake.io. His ideal weekend is spent either at a lake or on a mountain with his kids, although it can be hard to tear them away from the computer games he wrote for them.