Learning Continuous Integration with TeamCity

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  • Understand Continuous Integration principles and practices
  • Implement the build/deployment pipeline
  • Get to know TeamCity's features from the simple to the very advanced
  • Implement CI for projects in the major tech stacks, including Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Android, and iOS
  • Discover which TeamCity features to avoid and in which situations
  • Look beyond CI into Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

For those of you getting started with CI, TeamCity, or both, this book will help you understand the principles and essential practices of CI and then provide steps to implement them in different kinds of projects. The book covers the essential features of TeamCity that are needed for a complete CI setup.

You will cover everything from introducing CI to its practises and benefits before getting started with TeamCity as a CI tool. First, we set up CI in a tech stack agnostic way, and then employ CI for different platforms and stacks. Throughout, there is a continuous progression from the simple to the most advanced features of TeamCity, with advise on how to avoid the pitfalls too.

You will also be given an introduction to what's beyond CI —Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment—and how TeamCity can help you there too.

  • Learn about the features that TeamCity brings to the table to make setting up and practicing CI easy.
  • Enable team, organization and self to start using TeamCity for CI, from scratch or from an existing setup.
  • Setup CI for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and mobile projects using TeamCity
Page Count 276
Course Length 8 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781849699518
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2014


Manoj Mahalingam S

Manoj Mahalingam S is an Application Developer and Devops engineer at ThoughtWorks Inc., where he started his career five years ago. He mainly codes in C#, Python, and Ruby. He likes to think he knows Haskell, but maybe he doesn't. He is also extremely fond of PowerShell and is the author of the PowerShell-based build-and-release framework, YDeliver (https://github.com/manojlds/ydeliver).

He has employed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in a number of projects, ranging across all the major tech stacks. He has also spoken at a number of conferences, including Pycon India and Devopsdays India.

He can be found answering questions on Stack Overflow at http://stackoverflow.com/users/526535/manojlds and also contributing to a number of projects on GitHub. He blogs at http://www.stacktoheap.com.