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Learning AngularJS [Video]

Jack Herrington

A fast, easy and rewarding way to create web applications with AngularJS
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Video Details

ISBN 139781783985067
Course Length120 minutes

About This Video

  • Create simple and powerful web applications and learn to make your code reusable
  • Add resources, directives, services, and factories to increase the efficiency of your app
  • Get a spectacular and interactive visualization for your app through third party components such as D3.js, and Bootstrap
  • Use CSS and animations to make your app look good

Who This Video Is For

This video is designed for front end developers who want to build applications using AngularJS. A quick revision of your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills, and you’ll be ready.

Table of Contents

Templates and Controllers
Getting Started
More Complex Templates
Data Structures
Nested Controllers
Shared Data
Web Service
Finishing Up HTTP
Directives Basics
Directives for Real
Routing and State
Routing Basics
Advanced Routing
Unit Testing
End-to-End Testing
Third-party Libraries
Advanced Concepts

What You Will Learn

  • Structure your app by using templates and formatters
  • Learn everything you need to know for building apps with AngularJS
  • Use templates and formatters to build a strong structure for your application
  • Manage your webpage efficiently with controllers and nested controllers
  • Make it easy to reuse and maintain UI elements for all your future apps
  • Develop an app that provides a rich URL interface which you can show off
  • Use routing for a persistent state across pages and increase the efficiency of your app
  • Deploy Yeoman to create complex applications easily that are served out of a built-in node server
  • Secure your app by implementing validation in your web forms
  • Get an easy to maintain app by using modules, services, and factories.
  • Get powerful UI widgets through third party components like Bootstrap, D3 and jQuery and
  • Learn how to test your code and make it production ready
  • Build a persistent application with a JSON based data server backend through CORS

In Detail

If you are looking for dynamic web apps that look good, then AngularJS is what you need. You can create custom web applications that suit your need in no time with AngularJS. With its scalable and modular architecture, AngularJS helps you create powerful web apps quickly and effortlessly.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about building scalable and maintainable applications the right way.

You will start with the AngularJS library, templates and controllers, and build the basic structure of a real world application. Then you will see how AngularJS interacts with the server to both read and write data with the help of Yeoman. Thereon you will learn how to use services, factories and modules to improve the modularity of your application before setting up the routing system for your app. Finally you will run your app through unit and integration tests and wrap third party libraries such as Bootstrap, JQuery and D3 in your application.

By the end of this course you will be an expert in using all the AngularJS tools you need to build web applications that look good, work great and perform fast.



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