Learning Alfresco Web Scripts

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  • Implement web scripts in Alfresco and learn about their fundamentals
  • Understand the end-to-end execution flow with core details and get an insight into the robust web script framework
  • Gain extensive knowledge about the building components of web scripts
  • Explore different options to invoke Alfresco web scripts
  • Leverage the power of useful JavaScript APIs in web script implementation
  • Understand various deployment options, debugging techniques, and troubleshooting pointers
  • Learn about extension capabilities to extend the web script framework

Alfresco web scripts is a key feature of the Alfresco enterprise content management system that enables other applications to interact with the Alfresco repository in a secure way. This book will help you understand everything you need to know about web scripts so that you can practically apply them to your own projects.

You will begin by learning the basics of Alfresco web scripts, giving you a clear idea about how web scripts are a useful solution to your business problems. Moving on, you will delve into the powerful web script framework and then get a complete walk-through of all the components required to build web scripts. Later in this book, you will discover various ways to execute web scripts. You will learn about useful JavaScript APIs in Alfresco that you can leverage when building business solutions with web scripts. Moving further, you will learn about deployment, debugging, and troubleshooting web scripts, and find instructions to develop web scripts in a Maven project that will help you learn how to build web scripts in a real development environment.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Web Scripts to implement your own custom REST APIs on top of the Alfresco repository
  • Implement customized business solutions effectively and gain comprehensive knowledge about the power of Alfresco Web Scripts
  • Learn everything you need to know about framework components and implementation in a step-by-step, practical manner
Page Count 182
Course Length 5 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781784390600
Date Of Publication 7 Nov 2014


Ramesh Chauhan

Ramesh Chauhan is presently working as a lead consultant at CIGNEX Datamatics. He has core IT experience of around 9 years. Having strong expertise in Alfresco, he has implemented and delivered customized business solutions in Alfresco for customers across the globe and has extensively used Alfresco in multiple production projects. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information and Technology from Nirma Institute of Technology, Gujarat University, India. He also contributes to Alfresco community forums.

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