Learn Nuxt.js

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  • Integrate Nuxt with the latest version of Vue.js
  • Extend your Vue apps using Nuxt's components, plugins, and modules
  • Learn how to use Nuxt to talk to APIs or data platforms, written in any server-side language
  • Create a basic realtime web app using Nuxt.js, Node.js, Koa, and RethinkDB
  • Secure your web application with useful authentication methods
  • Understand patterns and practices to help you test and deploy your applications effectively

Nuxt.js is a Vue.js framework that adds server-side rendering capabilities to Vue based static pages. It is a progressive web framework that can be used to build an entire JavaScript SPA from scratch using Vue.js

This book will start with a tour of Nuxt.js and its evolution as a "framework" for "framework". You will learn the fundamentals of Nuxt and integrate it with the latest version of Vue. We will then explore Nuxt's files and folder structure and show you how to set up your first Nuxt project using Nuxt's pages, views, routing, and data handling components. With practical examples, you will learn to connect your app with the backend by exploring Nuxt's config plugins, modules, and stores. The book shows you how you can turn your static app into a universal Vue app by working with HTTP requests. Going further, you will learn to use middleware effectively and add one to your application's server-side. Finally, the book helps you with security techniques using authorization and package your Vue app for testing and deploy it to production.

At the end of the book, you would have a firm grasp of using Nuxt.js for your projects and would have built entire web applications with SSR, data handling, and SEO capabilities which will be secure, well tested, and scalable.

  • Build your first Nuxt.js web application including authentication, testing, and deployment
  • Write cleaner, maintainable, and scalable isomorphic JavaScript with a low learning curve
  • Practical examples to help you transform your static Vue.js application into universal web apps
Page Count 508
Course Length 15 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781789952698
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2020


Lau Thiam Kok

Lau Tiam Kok aka Lau Thiam Kok is a cross-disciplinary Full Stack Web Developer/Designer, Data Architect and Analyst. He was born in Penang, Malaysia. His studies include a Bachelor of Applied Arts at University Malaysia Sarawak (1996 - 1999), and an MSc in Digital Futures at the Institute of Digital Art and Technology, University of Plymouth, UK (2002 - 2003). Lau has worked freelance more than 10 years for various local and overseas individuals, institutions, and companies. He works with designers or independently from designing layouts to coding the frontend and server-side programs to produce responsive websites. He also works collaboratively on citizen-led air-quality monitoring projects for Citizen Sense (based in Goldsmith’s College London). Focuses on R, openair, Shiny, Node.js & Express.js for data analysis web apps and IoT data platform.

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