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  • Create powerful applications using Node.js
  • Build scalable and lightweight web applications
  • Use the Express Framework to build web applications
  • Understand the coding principles behind practical web applications
  • Understand the concepts of network programming
  • Use Node.js with other technologies including Kickstart and Heroku
  • Use Node with database technologies Cassandra and MongoDB

With its event-driven architecture and efficient web services capabilities, more and more companies are building their entire infrastructure around Node.js. Node has become a de facto part of web development that any serious developer needs to master.

This book includes six Node.js projects that gradually increase in complexity. You'll start by building a simple web server and create a basic website. You will then move to create the login system, blog system, chat system, and e-learning system.

By creating and following the example projects in this book, you’ll improve your Node.js skills through practical working projects, and you'll learn how to use Node.js with many other useful technologies, such as ExpressJS, Kickstart, and Heroku.

  • Develop scalable and lightweight applications using Node.js
  • Learn how to interface Node.js with other popular technologies such as MongoDB, MySQL, and more
  • Your companion to master the Node ecosystem through six real-world projects
Page Count 310
Course Length 9 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781788293631
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2018


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