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  • Basics of HTML5 Canvas and see how to select and make it ready to draw
  • Creating a drawing mini-application from scratch
  • Drawing using JavaScript on HTML5 Canvas element
  • Draw on Canvas and see how to convert Output text content onto canvas
  • Use of JavaScript to interact with the canvas element
  • Draw Project for canvas, then see how to download save and clear content

HTML5 canvas can be used to draw graphics on the webpage via scripting.

This course covers JavaScript to apply drawing to the canvas element. You will get started with an easy to follow approach demonstrating the syntax as well as providing engaging opportunities to try the code. After demonstrations of the canvas element and how to draw on it with JavaScript the course will show you how to create an interactive drawing tool that the web user can use to draw, selecting colors and pencil width. Freely draw whatever you want and then download it as an image to your computer all this using JavaScript.

By the end of the course, you use JavaScript to draw on HTML5 element make interactive drawing application

All codes and supporting files for this course are available at:

  • Draw using JavaScript on HTML5 Canvas element to make your application more interactive
  • See how to use JavaScript to interact with the canvas element easily
  • Create a drawing of a mini-application from scratch using HTML 5 with JavaScript
Course Length 1 hour 1 minute
ISBN 9781838982706
Date Of Publication 12 Jul 2019