Learn Bootstrap 4 with Examples

Build elegant web applications using Bootstrap
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Anyone who wants to learn to build enterprise-level websites efficiently with Bootstrap, this video is for you. You must have a basic and fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; however, there is no need to have prior Bootstrap knowledge.


Set up the environment


Build a social media platform


Build a online music library


Integrate Bootstrap with Angular 2

Duration: 3 hours

With the emergence of Bootstrap 4, it has become extremely easy to include Bootstrap code into any project. Since, Bootstrap is developed with a mobile-first strategy, you can be sure that if your code includes Bootstrap code, it will work efficiently on both desktop and mobile platforms. This makes it very popular among most web developers.

In this course, we begin with learning all about Bootstrap 4 and the improvements from the legacy version. We then move to learning the concepts in Bootstrap 4, but we use a practical approach, wherein we attempt to build projects and explain you the concepts, when and where required, this will help you not only learn the concepts but also learn how to implement the concepts in real-life.

In our first project, we build a social media platform, here we discuss concepts such as grids, containers, button, navigation, and typography.

We then extend this platform by building the login and registration page for our platform. Here we cover concepts such as pop-up windows and contextual messages. Later, we will also discuss a few best practices and troubleshooting tips.

We then, build an online music library interface, which has advanced features like the song progress bar and song navigation.

Finally, we look at including Bootstrap with your Angular application.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build visually-appealing websites that work perfectly on all devices.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • The new features of Bootstrap 4
  • Understand how to configure and get started with your own customized version of Bootstrap
  • Create a social media platform
  • Create true and dependable web forms that are accessible
  • Explore third-party integration to extend Bootstrap's component and visual structure through icons to complex form validation
  • Integrate Bootstrap in Angular 2 application

Style and Approach

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