Learn Angular 2 Development By Building 12 Apps [Video]

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  • Get professionally trained in Angular 2 by building 12 Apps
  • Learn the skills required to start developing in Angular and associated technologies
  • Learn to use Angular with technologies like Node, Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Source code available for all the projects

Angular 2 was released in September 2016 and not only does it drastically differ from Angular in terms of speed and performance, but it is a complete rewrite of Angular. Angular was widely accepted for its speed, cross-platform capability, flexible nature, expressive language, etc. Angular 2 includes all of these features and adds many more, it has also been simplified and made easier to use. This course teaches you how to start using the many different features of Angular 2 to create some epic applications using this framework. In addition to Angular 2, you will also touch base on other relevant technologies such as Node.JS, Firebase, Bootstrap, MongoDB and the Ionic Framework. You’ll learn by actually putting your skills to use and having fun at the same time. You will build 12 different projects by the end of this course that will not only test your skills but also will teach you the complete ins and outs of Angular 2. With the help of these twelve projects, you will learn Angular 2 features such as components, directives, services, and even dependency injections. From the basic fundamentals to complex features, this course has everything you need to know to get started with developing applications using Angular 2.

  • Move from Zero to Hero in Angular 2 development by building a variety of applications
  • Work with several relevant technologies like Node.JS, Firebase, Bootstrap, MongoDB and the Ionic Framework to scale up your knowledge
  • Get a grip of Angular 2 features such as components, directives, services, and even dependency injections.
Course Length 14 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781787126855
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2017



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