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Leaflet.js Essentials

Paul Crickard III

Create interactive, mobile-friendly mapping applications using the incredibly light yet powerful Leaflet.js platform.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783554812
Paperback180 pages

About This Book

  • Create and customize your maps and mapping applications using JavaScript and Leaflet.js
  • Leverage the features of existing libraries, plugins, and HTML 5 geolocation APIs to enrich your mapping applications
  • Learn the advanced features of Leaflet.js in a streamlined, step-by-step manner

Who This Book Is For

If you are a web developer working with geospatial concepts and mapping APIs, and you want to learn Leaflet to create mapping solutions, this book is for you. You need to have a basic knowledge of working with JavaScript and performing web application development.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Maps with Leaflet
Creating a simple basemap
Tile layer providers
Adding a Web Mapping Service tile layer
Multiple tile layers
Adding data to your map
Rectangles and circles
MultiPolylines and MultiPolygons
Groups of layers
Pop ups
Mobile mapping
Events and event handlers
Chapter 2: Mapping GeoJSON Data
Understanding the roots of GeoJSON
Exploring GeoJSON
GeoJSON in Leaflet.js
Chapter 3: Creating Heatmaps and Choropleth Maps
What is a heatmap?
Heatmaps with Leaflet.heat
Creating heatmaps with heatmap.js
Creating an interactive heatmap
Animating a heatmap
Creating a choropleth map with Leaflet
Creating a normalized choropleth map
Chapter 4: Creating Custom Markers
Creating a custom marker
Using a custom marker in Leaflet
Using predefined markers with plugins
Clustering markers with Leaflet.markercluster
Animating markers with plugins
Using markers for data visualization
Chapter 5: ESRI in Leaflet
ESRI basemaps
Using shapefiles in Leaflet
Consuming ESRI services
Heatmaps with ESRI in Leaflet
Geocoding addresses in Leaflet
Query by attribute
Query by proximity
Chapter 6: Leaflet in Node.js, Python, and C#
Building Leaflet applications with Node.js
Leaflet with Python and CherryPy
Desktop applications in C# with Leaflet

What You Will Learn

  • Incorporate Tile Layers and Web Mapping Services into your map
  • Write custom functions that use events to make interactive maps
  • Add GeoJSON data to a web map
  • Create your own images to use as markers on your map
  • Build desktop applications using C#
  • Make heatmaps and chloropleth maps
  • Take advantage of third-party plugins to enhance your map

In Detail

Starting with how to create maps, you will learn about choosing your basemap and customizing it by adding various attributes such as zoom, start view, pop ups, and so on.

Once you have gained experience of creating your own map with Leaflet, you will move on to combining Leaflet with GeoJSON and adding geometry objects and features to your maps.

Moving ahead, you will proceed to create custom markers using images and discover various plugins such as the Cluster Marker plugin, the Bouncing Marker, and the Animated Marker to animate and move markers. You will then explore the latest ESRI features available on Leaflet and make use of its updated JavaScript library.

Finally, you will understand how Leaflet enables you to use Node.js, C#, and Python alongside its own library to efficiently create maps.


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