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  • How to install and configure Laravel
  • Creating and using Eloquent models
  • How to understand and utilize Eloquent relationships
  • Routing to controllers and closures
  • Using Laravel’s authentication system
  • Utilizing filters to secure your site’s private areas
  • Learn how to use bundles to add functionality to your site
  • Use Laravel’s validator class to validate your forms or anything else
  • Use form and HTML helpers to abstract and ease working with some HTML elements

Laravel is fundamentally changing the PHP web-development landscape. Laravel is bringing the paradigm-shifts that PHP developers have been craving. We now can take control of our application architecture and advance our craft without needing to fight against our tools. Laravel’s philosophy is to provide a highly flexible architecture and an extremely expressive API while emphasizing PHP’s strengths and abstracting out its weaknesses. For these reasons Laravel is ideal for quickly creating high performance, robust applications. By providing developers with tools for automating tasks including database schema modification, CRUD operations, and testing we’re able to reduce our workload, application complexity, and human-error.

"Laravel Starter" is the ideal introduction to this game-changing framework. Learn best-practiced approaches to web-application development with Laravel from a seasoned professional.

It starts out by installing and configuring the framework step-by-step. Then you’ll use Laravel best-practices to create a private user administration system that is ready for real-world use. The later part deals with digging deep into Eloquent relationships, exploring the different relationship types and how Eloquent is working under-the-hood to simplify your life without forcing you to relinquish control. Exploring Laravel’s simple yet flexible authentication system, data validation, and filters allows you to easily run code before and after your controller actions. Finally, it discusses Laravel bundles, the most flexible PHP modular code implementation in its weightclass.

Focused on the how as much as the why, Laravel Starter gives you the tools to immediately begin creating professional web-applications with Laravel.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Create databases using Laravel's migrations
  • Learn how to implement powerful relationships with Laravel's own "Eloquent" ActiveRecord implementation
  • Learn about maximizing code reuse with the bundles
  • Get started by building a useful real-world application
Page Count 64
Course Length 1 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781782160915
Date Of Publication 22 Nov 2012


Shawn McCool

Shawn McCool is the co-founder of the web agency Big Name. He has been involved in professional web-application development for 15 years. His work emphasizes a philosophy of long-term software maintainability. Shawn joined the Laravel team in 2012 and has been involved in updating and improving the official documentation. Shawn is highly involved in community education and regularly creates education content and makes it freely available on his company site Shawn spends much of his time involved with the Laravel community and can usually be found providing help in the official #Laravel IRC channel on FreeNode.