Laravel Application Development Blueprints

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  • Learn about RESTful controllers and the functions of Laravel
  • Use Laravel’s before/after route filters
  • Learn how to use Laravel's ORM and non-ORM database methods
  • Build ten genuine web solutions
  • Process files with Laravel's built-in methods
  • Integrate third-party libraries into your application
  • Validate your form data and uploaded files
  • Secure your web application from injections
  • Learn about Laravel's Blade Template Engine and the basics of templating
  • Use Laravel in different types of web projects

Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. It helps you to create wonderful applications using simple, expressive syntax. Development should be a creative and enjoyable experience, not something that is painful, and Laravel makes it enjoyable for the users. Laravel's directory structure is designed to be familiar to users of other popular PHP frameworks. Web applications of any shape or size can easily be created using this structure similar to the way that they would be created in other frameworks. With the recently released 4th Version, Laravel became even better in numerous ways. Within this book, we will help you learn about both the old and new features of Laravel while developing various applications.

Laravel Application Development Blueprints covers how to develop 10 different applications step-by-step using Laravel 4. You will also learn about both basic and advanced usage of Laravel’s built-in methods, which will come in handy for your project. Also, you will learn how to extend the current libraries with the built-in methods and include third-party libraries.

This book looks at the Laravel PHP framework and breaks down the ingrained prejudice that coding with PHP causes due to spaghetti code. It will take you through a number of clear, practical applications that will help you to take advantage of the Laravel PHP framework and PHP OOP programming whilst avoiding spaghetti code.

You'll also learn about creating secure web applications using different methods such as file uploading and processing, making RESTful AJAX requests, and form processing. If you want to take advantage of the Laravel PHP framework's validate, file processing, and RESTful controllers in various types of projects, then this is the book for you.
Everything you need to know to code fast and secure applications with the Laravel PHP framework will be discussed in this book.

  • Learn how to integrate third-party scripts and libraries into your application
  • With different techniques, learn how to adapt different methods to your needs
  • Expand your knowledge of Laravel 4 so you can tailor the sample solutions to your requirements
Page Count 260
Course Length 7 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781783282111
Date Of Publication 14 Nov 2013


Arda Kılıçdağı

Arda Kılıçdağı is a PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript programmer from Turkey. He has been developing applications in PHP since 2005. He has been administrating the Turkish national support website for the well-known open source content management script, PHP-Fusion. He's also one of the international developers and a member of the management team for PHP-Fusion, and he has an important role in the project's future. He has worked as a developer and has experience on projects such as Begendy (an exclusive private shopping website) and Futbolkurdu (a local soccer news website). He is experienced in using the Facebook API, Twitter API, and PayPal's Adaptive Payments API (which is used on crowdfunding websites such as KickStarter). He's also experienced in using JavaScript, and he's currently infusing his applications with JavaScript and jQuery, both on the frontend and backend. He has also developed applications using CodeIgniter and CakePHP for about four years, but these PHP frameworks didn't suit his needs completely. This is why he decided to use another framework for his projects, and that is when he met Laravel. Currently he is developing all his applications using Laravel. He's also obsessed with Unix/Linux and uses Linux on a daily basis. In addition, he is administrating the world's best-known microcomputer, Raspberry Pi's biggest Turkish community website.

Halil İbrahim Yılmaz

Halil İbrahim Yılmaz is a Python and PHP programmer and an e-commerce consultant from Turkey. He has worked as a developer and a software coordinator in over a dozen ventures, including Begendy, Modeum, Futbolkurdu, Arkeoidea, and Uzmanlazim. He is experienced in using many APIs such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Grooveshark, and PayPal. After meeting his business partner, he co-founded 16 Pixel, a Bursa-based creative consultancy that specializes in web development and e-commerce. He loves learning functional programming languages (Erlang and Haskell), new JavaScript technologies (Node.js), and NoSQL database systems (Riak and MongoDB). When he is not working on client projects, he is often trying to code a web application with those technologies. He lives in a house full of Linux boxes in Bursa, Turkey.