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Kentico CMS 5 Website Development: Beginner's Guide

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  • Create a dynamic, feature rich website that is easy to expand, customize, and maintain
  • Design easy-to-find web content that is attractive to end users and search engines
  • Make full use of sample sites to get your site looking right, tweaking CSS and customizing page templates using your own logos and marketing assets
  • Extend Kentico CMS capabilities to meet even the toughest business requirements
  • Increase your site's visibility for search engines by applying highly effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Create effective online marketing campaigns that you can measure effectively
  • Design effective e-commerce sites to reach and retain customers and sell your products or services
  • Engage your website visitors and turn them into active users by enabling them to register, add content, and leave comments



There are over 1.7 billion internet users today. What are you doing to manage your web presence and reach your potential audience? A successful website guarantees serious business benefits and substantial cost savings for your company. Kentico CMS provides a flexible, all-in-one solution for web developers to create sites that ensure increase in brand loyalty, customer support savings and better brand management. However, making full use of Kentico CMS for attracting potential audience requires some guidance.

This practical guide gives you a head start using Kentico CMS to create professional and engaging web sites. It helps you get started quickly and covers how to build dynamic, scalable, and feature-rich websites that will keep your site visitors engaged and coming back. It moves beyond the basics to take advantage of the most powerful features to create highly interactive websites. Practical examples and tutorials show how to leverage the thirty-four different modules to create everything from a basic website to the most advanced and interactive e-commerce and social media sites. The focus is on clear instructions and easy-to-understand tutorials. This book is for you if you want to get the most out of any Kentico CMS installation!

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to build a dynamic, discoverable, and scalable website.

  • Create websites that meet real-life requirements using example sites built with easy-to-follow steps
  • Learn from easy-to-use examples to build a dynamic website
  • Learn best practices to make your site more discoverable
  • Practice your Kentico CMS skills from organizing your content to changing the site's look and feel
  • Get going with example starter sites such as a corporate site, an e-commerce site, and a community-driven website to jumpstart your web development
  • Written by Thom Robbins, the Web Evangelist for Kentico Software LLC


Page Count 312
Course Length 9 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781849690584
Date Of Publication 20 Sep 2010
Kentico CMS 5 installation and configuration
Time for action—installing Kentico CMS 5
Introducing content and site management
Time for action—logging into CMS Desk
Time for action—editing an existing page
Time for action—modifying your profile
Time for action—logging into Site Manager
Time for action—shutdown and restart your website
Time for action—adding users
Content is king
Time for action—viewing available document types
Time for action—creating a poll
Time for action—using the WYSIWYG editor
Time for action—creating a blog entry
Page management
Time for action—creating a new ASPX page template
Time for action—creating a new Portal Engine page
Time for action—the Design tab
Time for action—adding web parts
Fundamentals of site security
Time for action—creating a new role
Time for action—adding a user to another role
Time for action—creating role-based content
Time for action—display a customized product list
Time for action—creating secure pages
Workflow management
Time for action—configuring workflow
Time for action—executing the workflow
Time for action—document rollback
Document linking
Time for action—linking to an image
Time for action—linking to a YouTube video
Document attachments
Time for action—adding document attachments
Media libraries
Time for action—viewing media libraries
Time for action—displaying a media library image
Time for action—creating a media library
Time for action—batch operations in the media library
Time for action—displaying our image gallery
Time for action—uploading files on the live site
Time for action—setting media library security
Time for action—restricting file types
Time for action—transformations in web parts
Time for action—transforming the EventRepeater web part
Time for action—handling attachments in transformations
Time for action—displaying ratings in transformations
Creating custom document types
Time for action—creating custom document types
Time for action—creating an employee biography
Kentico API
Time for action—adding event handlers
Time for action—sending a news item by e-mail
Social bookmarking
Time for action—implementing social bookmarking
Time for action—adding a new office
Time for action—implementing Google maps
Web services
Time for action—building a web service
Tag clouds
Time for action—tag cloud web part
Really Simple Syndication
Time for action—subscribing to the news feed
Time for action—the Blog RSS feed
Time for action—implementing the Blog RSS feed
Representational State Transfer
Time for action—retrieving an API key
Time for action—using the bit.ly API
Time for action—building a REST user control
Time for action—Twitter integration
Creating an e-commerce site
Time for action—new site wizard
Time for action—changing the e-commerce site master page
Time for action—removing the log-on bar
Product management
Time for action—adding products
Time for action—adding product options
Time for action—customizing product categories
Time for action—adding products to multiple categories
Time for action—adding a new product
Purchase process and payment gateway
Time for action—making a purchase
Time for action—payment gateways
Time for action—customizing the purchase process
Time for action—adding widgets
Time for action—creating a widget zone
Time for action—creating a widget
Multi-lingual sites
Time for action—adding new languages
Time for action—translating site content
Time for action—viewing language-specific content
Time for action—combing with current culture
Site deployment
Time for action—production deployment
Time for action—deploying a new production site
Time for action—incremental changes
Time for action—scheduled tasks
Time for action—forbidden URL characters
Time for action—changing the site name
Time for action—changing page metadata
Time for action—using document aliases
Time for action—using consistent tags
Web analytics
Time for action—configuring the Web analytics module
Time for action—Web analytics reporting
Time for action—tracking a marketing campaign
Site development
Time for action—creating the community site
Time for action—assigning the CSS stylesheet
Time for action—creating a page template category
Time for action—creating a master page
Time for action—uploading images
Time for action—populating the master page
Groups and membership
Time for action—setting up the community starter site
Time for action—user membership
Time for action—modifying the registration form
Time for action—creating new groups
Time for action—creating a group page


Thom Robbins

Thom Robbins is the Web Evangelist for Kentico Software LLC. He is responsible for evangelizing Kentico CMS for ASP.NET with web developers, web designers and interactive agencies.

Prior to Kentico, Mr. Robbins joined Microsoft Corporation in 2000 and served in a number of executive positions. Most recently, Mr. Robbins led the Developer Audience Marketing group that was responsible for increasing developer satisfaction with the Microsoft platform. Mr. Robbins also led the .NET Platform Product Management group responsible for customer adoption and implementation of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. Mr. Robbins was also a Principal Developer Evangelist working with developers across the world on implementing .NET-based solutions.

Thom currently lives in Seattle where he enjoys the great weather and spending time with his family. Thom can be reached at Thomasr@kentico.com.