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jQuery Tools UI Library

Alex Libby

Learn jQuery Tools with clear, practical examples and get inspiration for developing your own ideas with the library book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849517805
Paperback112 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how to use jQuery Tools, with clear, practical projects that you can use today in your websites
  • Learn how to use useful tools such as Overlay, Scrollable, Tabs and Tooltips
  • Full of practical examples and illustrations, with code that you can use in your own projects, straight from the book

Accompanying PDF

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at developers who have prior jQuery knowledge, but may not have any prior experience with jQuery Tools. It is possible that they may have started with the basics of jQuery Tools, but want to learn more about how it can be used, as well as get ideas for future projects.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
jQuery Tools basics and rules: a primer
Using tools for development
Downloading the library
Rolling your own tools—using the download builder
Best practices for events and API calls
Performance of jQuery Tools
Chapter 2: Getting along with your UI Tools
UI tools—a template
What is an overlay?
Tooltips — the only web fundamentals you need
For everything else—there's Scrollable
Tabs in action
Chapter 3: Form Tools
Using Validator
Making your HTML5 date input look and behave the way you want with Dateinput
Controlling your HTML5 range input with RangeInput
Chapter 4: jQuery Tools Toolbox
Using FlashEmbed to include Flash movies
Going backwards with history
Showing off content with Expose
Take control of your mouse with mousewheel

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the power and versatility of the Tools, despite only requiring a few lines of code
  • Learn to use jQuery Tools’ Overlay UI Tools to produce exciting websites using Overlays, Tabs, Scrollables and Tooltips
  • Set up forms that can be validated correctly, either with standard validators, or with custom-built additional functionality
  • Combine several tools together to produce exciting, useful effects
  • Develop your own versions of each function, using the examples provided in the book, that you can customize to your own liking
  • Combine various tools with additional jQuery code and provide extra functionality to your website
  • Use the accompanying PDF to learn how to use jQuery Tools within content management systems, such as Wordpress

In Detail

You’re designing a website, which is going to become a work of art, with snappy response times – do you want to slow it down with lots of extra, unwanted functionality? jQuery Tools can provide you with just the functionality you need, that appears on most websites around the world, and which you can customize to your heart’s content.

jQuery Tools UI Library will show you how to add useful functionality to your website, using the compact but powerful jQuery Tools library. You will get stuck into simple yet powerful projects that you can implement straightaway, and which will give you inspiration for developing your own versions in future projects.

You will go on a whirlwind tour through jQuery Tools, beginning with best practices that should be used, through to detailed projects on each tool in the Library, that you can copy from the book, or download from Packt’s website. The book will include tips and comments on how to alter elements, or ideas on what can be included to extend the functionality you want to include in your websites.

Begin with a short explanation of the origins of jQuery Tools, followed by some of the best practices that should be used, as well as some detail on how to use its API and event capabilities.

When you have finished reading “jQuery Tools UI Library”, you will have learnt all about the library, using clear, practical examples that you can take into your own projects and use, or develop into your own designs for future use.


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