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jQuery Mobile First Look

Giulio Bai

Discover the endless possibilities offered by jQuery Mobile for rapid Mobile Web Development
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849515900
Paperback216 pages

About This Book

  • Easily create your mobile web applications from scratch with jQuery Mobile
  • Learn the important elements of the framework and mobile web development best practices
  • Customize elements and widgets to match your desired style
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use jQuery Mobile

Who This Book Is For

This is a First Look book that allows existing jQuery users to get a look at the features of jQuery mobile. It is targeted at jQuery users who want to enter the exciting world of mobile web development. All you need is the basics of jQuery and an interest to get involved with mobile development and you can use this book as a launch-pad for your future ventures in mobile web development with jQuery Mobile framework.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is jQuery Mobile?
How jQuery Mobile was born
jQuery mobile and other libraries
How to get jQuery mobile
jQuery Mobile in action
Getting involved
Chapter 2: Organizing Content: Pages and Dialogs
Understanding page structure
How multi-page templates work
How to link internal and external pages
Navigation and page transitioning in AJAX
Dialogs: creation, deletion, and behavior
Theming pages and dialogs
Chapter 3: Configuring and Extending jQuery Mobile
Customizing default settings
Handling events
Working with methods and utilities
Using the theme framework
Chapter 4: Reading, Writing, Communicating: Content
How content is displayed
Using columns and grids
A note on collapsible blocks
Theming content
Chapter 5: Navigation Made Easier: Toolbars
How do toolbars actually work?
Different types of bars
On positioning
Theming toolbars
Chapter 6: Mobile Clicking: Buttons
What do buttons look and feel like in jQuery mobile?
Buttons markup and icons
Displaying buttons
Theming buttons
Chapter 7: Transmitting Information: Forms
Form basics
Input elements
Flip switches, radio buttons, and checkboxes
Sliders and select menus
Theming forms
Chapter 8: Organizing Information: List Views
Basics and conventions for list views
Choosing the list type as per your requirements
Spicing up your lists

What You Will Learn

  • Discover why jQuery Mobile is a significantly better choice compared to other libraries and frameworks, most of which target iOS devices only
  • Handle events, configure options, and customize the look and feel of jQuery Mobile
  • Create and style pages and dialogs, and understand how links are handled by this framework
  • Understand the fundamentals of list views and their importance in the way jQuery Mobile displays information
  • Display content to suit your needs and make everything look like a full-fledged RIA even on a mobile screen
  • Use toolbars to provide additional options and control to the user, and learn to position, theme, and enhance them
  • Understand buttons and their key role in mobile development: how they can be grouped, displayed, customized for a better user experience
  • Create forms and submit data via AJAX with jQuery Mobile: also implement sliders, toggle switches, and search inputs into your fieldset

In Detail

The jQuery Mobile framework is jQuery's latest rabbit-out-of-the-hat project. The jQuery Mobile framework is open source and is supported by all the big players: iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Nokia, Ado, and so on. Considering all the names behind the project, it is a truly cross platform framework and porting applications made in jQuery mobile will be a snap with this new technology at your hands. Get to grips with everything you need to know to sprint through developing high-end web applications for mobiles.

jQuery Mobile First Look will show you the features of the jQuery Mobile framework, what they do, and how they can be used. It covers the installation thoroughly on all the machines as it is found with any new technology that the most difficult part is getting people to correctly install the product.

From Installation to specifications and from designing to deployment this book covers all the factors that you need to know before starting your own mobile web application development. Starting with an introduction to jQuery Mobile, the book will give you an overview of the key features of the framework and how they can be used to implement a mobile web application. Development tips and troubleshooting add to the standard information contained in these pages. The topics covered include everything the jQuery Mobile developer needs to know in order to create a full-feature web application for mobile devices. Ranging from a comparison of jQuery mobile with other popular frameworks and its installation on various Operating Systems to theming pages, website layout, and content formatting, the book presents information about buttons, toolbars, dialogs, forms, and list views, as well as suggesting best practices and workarounds to accomplish things in an alternative way.

jQuery Mobile First Look will help you learn one of the most promising JavaScript mobile frameworks and grasp how widgets and elements work and what you can do to customize and enhance their behavior.


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