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Joomla! 1.5x Customization: Make Your Site Adapt to Your Needs

Daniel Chapman

Create and customize a professional Joomla! site that suits your business requirements
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847195166
Paperback288 pages

About This Book


  • Adapt your site to get a unique appearance, features, and benefits of your choice
  • Save on development costs by learning how to do professional work yourself and solve common problems with a Joomla! site
  • Step through how to build an effective subscription-based business with Joomla! and market a site effectively
  • Understand and customize modules, plugins, components, and templates
  • A precise book packed with examples and careful explanations

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for people with basic knowledge of Joomla! who want to expand their skills and move from simply assembling extensions and installing a template to truly customizing their own site.

Readers are expected to have functional knowledge of Joomla! and a very basic understanding of terms such as FTP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, even if they have no real knowledge of the workings behind these terms. This book does not cover topics such as installing Joomla! and extensions, or creating content.

The ideal reader is one who wishes to build a successful business web site using Joomla! and is interested in making as well as saving money by applying professional tools and techniques to the development, monetization, and marketing of their site. Non-business focussed site owners can still benefit greatly from the book, however, if they wish to add a level of professionalism to their work.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Skills Required to Customize Joomla!
The architecture of the Internet
Server-side scripting and PHP
Client-side scripting and JavaScript
Database work with MySQL and SQL
Chapter 2: Setting Up Our Environment
Types of tools
Practical—picking our tools
Practical—using our tools
Chapter 3: Planning Our Site
Why is it so important to plan?
How to plan
Licenses, encryption, and commercialism
Using the Joomla! Extensions Directory and Google
Choosing extensions from our goals
Essential extensions
Chapter 4: Installing and Configuring Extensions
Configuring Joomla!
Configuring content sections and categories
Configuring extensions
Chapter 5: Installing and Modifying Templates
Finding a template
Choosing a template
Installing a template
Modifying a template
Chapter 6: Customizing Modules
Module construction and operation
Module in a module
Module customization
Chapter 7: Customizing Plugins
Plugin composition and operation
Plugin events
Customizing a Plugin
Step 4: Install and test our Plugin
Chapter 8: Customizing Components
Component composition and operation
Customizing components
Chapter 9: Finding and Fixing Problems
Understanding common errors
Hacking the core
Solving the unsolvable
Chapter 10: Promoting and Tracking
Promoting our site
Tracking visitors to our site
Chapter 11: Monetizing Our Site
The Internet and the free economy
Monetization models
Monetization implementations
Monetization models for our site

What You Will Learn


  • Identify and use the right tools to speed up site development
  • Set goals and a mission for your site to guide development
  • Pick the right extensions for your site
  • Plan and implement advanced configurations for extensions
  • Modify extension functionality to suit your needs
  • Modify extension and template appearance to suit your needs
  • Diagnose and fix common problems on Joomla! sites
  • Market your site, via SEO, Social Marketing, and Traditional Marketing
  • Monetize your site to make the maximum return
  • Build a subscription site step by step

In Detail

Setting up a basic Joomla! Web site is easy; what comes next is hard and expensive – making the site do exactly what and look exactly how you want. With this book in hand, it is easy to adapt your site to bring your vision fully to life.

This book will help you to separate your site from the crowd of other Joomla! sites without having to invest in developers. It will guide you through how to customize different parts and aspects of your site and will also show you how to turn your site into a profitable business via these customizations. You will be able to build a successful, professional web site that will adapt to all your business needs.

You will be taken beyond the basics of Joomla!, and given an insight into the techniques and tools used by the professionals to rapidly develop unique, custom sites. This will enable you to develop your own professional-quality Joomla! site without assistance, saving you time and money. You will learn how modules, plugins, components, and templates are constructed, and how to make changes in them, giving you the confidence to make more elaborate changes to your site. On top of this will be a look at common problems Joomla! site developers face and how best to deal with them.

You will also learn techniques for building a business with Joomla!, as you step through building a subscription-based web business. Towards the end, you will look at marketing and monetizing this business fully to maximize your return.


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