JavaScript Exercise - Tank Shooter Game from Scratch [Video]

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  • Learn how to setup your gameplay area using HTML and CSS
  • Setup page elements and prepare variables. 
  • Create interaction with JavaScript event listeners to invoke functions on mouse actions
  • Run animationframe to change HTML elements style attributes and calculate positions of shots and enemies
  • Calculate angles for the turret to follow the mouse movements and shot in the angled direction of where the mouse is.
  • Create elements using JavaScript and add/remove them from the page
  • Setup start game functionality with values to create gameplay
  • Access the JavaScript Document Object Model to manipulate element properties
  • Setup a dashboard to output variables for the user like score and life left
  • Setup helper functions to reuse within the gameplay
  • Check for element overlap and detect collisions which is essential for any game.

Practice and learn more about JavaScript while building a fun interactive tank shooting game from scratch. Learn how you can use JavaScript to create, manipulate and make interactive HTML page elements. Using JavaScript scripting you can create a fully interactive dynamic game from scratch. The source code is included to get you started quickly. This course is designed to help you practice JavaScript, you should have a functional understanding of the JavaScript language before taking this course. Please note that the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the building of the game. Also, HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as the scope of this course is all JavaScript-focused. Start building your own version of the game today! See what you can build while you practice JavaScript!

Style and Approach

Perfect course for beginners to learn JavaScript!!! Step by step learning with all steps included. No libraries, no shortcuts just learning JavaScript!

  • Apply JavaScript and move elements within a page using JavaScript
  • Run animations within JavaScript
  • Create elements within the DOM
  • Manipulate HTML elements using JavaScript
Course Length 2 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781789800821
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2018


Laurence Svekis

Laurence Svekis is an instructor. He has 18+ years' work experience in web development, providing smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise-level businesses. An experienced web application developer, he has worked on multiple enterprise-level applications, hundreds of websites and business solutions, and many unique and innovative web applications. His web application development areas of expertise include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL—in short, anything to do with web creation and digital experience. He is passionate about everything to do with web application development and programming to online marketing with a strong focus on social media and SEO.