Isomorphic JavaScript Web Development

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  • Build on the client side with the awesomeness of React
  • Style your application effectively
  • Render the server side using React
  • Implement a GraphQL server based on Node, Express, and SQL
  • Fetch application data using Relay
  • Build an isomorphic router to use in the application
  • Deploy your application to a cloud host
  • Secure your application with a solid token-based authentication system

The latest trend in web development, Isomorphic JavaScript, allows developers to overcome some of the shortcomings of single-page applications by running the same code on the server as well as on the client. Leading this trend is React, which, when coupled with Node, allows developers to build JavaScript apps that are much faster and more SEO-friendly than single-page applications.

This book begins by showing you how to develop frontend components in React. It will then show you how to bind these components to back-end web services that leverage the power of Node. You'll see how web services can be used with React code to offload and maintain the application logic. By the end of this book, you will be able to save a significant amount of development time by learning to combine React and Node to code fast, scalable apps in pure JavaScript.

  • Combine the ease of React in the front end with the power of Node at the back end to build robust apps in pure JavaScript
  • Get your hands dirty by building on an entire application throughout the course of the book
  • Become productive and save precious time by adopting isomorphic JavaScript programming techniques
Page Count 226
Course Length 6 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781785889769
Date Of Publication 10 Oct 2017


Tomas Alabes

Tomas Alabes is a sr. software engineer building the Clouds at Oracle in Silicon Valley. Having worked as a full-stack engineer for more than seven years, he is also an avid blogger and passionate learner. He is always finding ways to improve himself and share his knowledge.

Konstantin Tarkus

Konstantin Tarkus is a seasoned software engineer specializing in developing custom web and cloud applications for technology startups. For over 14 years, Konstantin has had extensive experience working with a diverse range of technological stacks such as PHP and MySQL, Azure, SQL Server, .NET, C#, Node.js, and JavaScript. He is the author of React Starter Kit, the most popular React app boilerplate, as well as many other open source projects on GitHub.