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  • Get to grips with the features of Ionic for application development
  • Build a Chat app with Firebase and Ionic
  • Make a stock tracking app using the third-party REST API and build its layouts with Ionic Navigation and Pages
  • Use Cordova plugins with Ionic to build a media player app
  • Create a production-ready application by using Ionic components, services, and Firebase as a back end
  • Get to know the best practices to create real-time Ionic applications

Ionic 2, the latest version of Ionic Mobile SDK, is built on the top of latest technologies such as Angular 2, TypeScript, SASS, and lot more. The idea behind Ionic 2 is to make the entire app development process even more fun.

This book makes it possible to build fun and engaging apps using Ionic 2. You will learn how to use various Ionic components, integrate external services, derive capabilities, and most importantly how to make professional apps with Ionic 2. It will help you in understanding the fundamentals of Ionic 2 app development and will show how to build applications, gradually increasing your capabilities and the complexity of applications so that you can learn Ionic app development in a consistent and convenient way.

You will also explore services such as Firebase, using LocalStorage, the WordPress JSON API, and REST API, which will help you turn your next billion dollar idea into reality.

By the end of this book, you will be able to proudly call yourself a pro Ionic developer who can create a host of different apps with Ionic, and you’ll have a deeper practical understanding of Ionic.

  • Create amazing, cross-platform hybrid native apps using a projects-based approach
  • Discover ways to make the best use of the latest features in Ionic to build on a wide array of applications
  • This is the right learning curve for you if you want to take the leap from an intermediate-level to a pro front-end developer with Ionic
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781786463739
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2016


Indermohan Singh

Indermohan Singh is a Mobile App Developer working in Vienna, Austria, originally from Ludhiana, Punjab. For the past 3 years, he has worked on Angular, Ionic, and TypeScript most of the time. He authored Ionic 2 Blueprint for Packt Publishing, and this is his second book on the subject. Before starting the full-time job, he was freelancer with many startups. During his time as a freelancer, he also mentored learners at, where he was mostly teaching JavaScript. He is also hobbyist musician and loves to create Indian Compositions and play them on harmonium.