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  • Create a simple yet efficient web server using RouteMatcher
  • Work out what language to use and when
  • Add a transport layer security (SSL) to TCP/HTTP servers and clients
  • Build an asynchronous REST client
  • Write a modern, cross-browser, event-driven web application
  • Discover the best way to cache content
  • Set up shared data
  • Set up a cluster of Vert.x nodes
  • Tweak cluster and shared data

In traditional concurrent programming, it’s hard to achieve accuracy and even harder to achieve performance. Vert.x has a revolutionary approach that takes care of all the thread orchestration, message passing, and shared data in the framework. Deadlocks? Synchronization? Thread pool management? These are now problems of the past.

Instant Vert.x Starter is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear, step-by-step examples, which will help you to get the best out of the Vert.x platform and asynchronous programming in general.

This book gives an overview of the advantages of asynchronous programming, especially the Vert.x concurrency model. You will learn how to properly set up your environment with all the necessary tools to get you going with the authentic JVM-polyglot experience with Vert.x. After basic examples in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Java, we’ll dig deeper into more real tasks using JavaScript.

With Instant Vert.x, you will learn everything you need to know to be an independent web application developer, ready to create real-world web applications in no time.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Implement parallel programming, without the hassle of traditional concurrency models
  • Find easy asynchronous API for networking, filesystems, message passing, and clustering
  • Interact with solid Java libraries such as JDBC and JPA from your modules written in any supported language through the eventbus
Page Count 54
Course Length 1 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781783282920
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2013


Simone Scarduzio

Simone Scarduzio is a backend software engineer at MPme, a mobile music startup based at the heart of "silicon roundabout" in London. His current quest is to make the MPme music search and recommendation engine as feature-rich and snappy as possible. At MPme, it is a functional requirement for the core services to respond with a very low latency, regardless of the traffic. If this constraint were not respected, the system would send irrelevant recommendations to the clients. In terms of systems architecture, this means everything needs to scale horizontally. That's why, any mobile client connecting to MPme, actually connects to a Vert.x application. The use of Vert.x at MPme is massive and growing: reverse TCP proxies, Web radio monitors, and internal and external REST APIs are an example of this. He has been involved in the Vert.x project since October 2012, as an early adopter. Countless development versions of Vert.x have crossed MPme servers in a continuous cycle of build, test, deploy, and feedback to the Vert.x team. Before MPme, he lived for 3 years in Finland. Here, he cut his teeth as a software developer working on distributed mobile messages-processing systems at Mavenir, for customers such as Vodafone, Telefonica, Airtel, Idea, and T-Mobile. The pleasure of discovery and exploration drives his relationship with all his main hobbies: technology, travelling, and food.