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Instant typeahead.js

Toby Osbourn

Deliver an extraordinary experience to users of your website with the help of Typeahead.js
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783282616
Paperback58 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Install, test, and get started with typeahead.js
  • Integrate typeahead.js into your existing projects
  • Optimize and use typeahead.js to produce the best possible results

Who This Book Is For

Instant typeahead.js is for any web developer who would like to learn more about typeahead.js in terms of what it can offer and the best ways to achieve common tasks. This book assumes no prior knowledge, but an understanding of JavaScript fundamentals would be useful.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant typeahead.js
Installing Bower for typeahead.js (Must know)
Basic searching (Must know)
Preloading JSON (Should know)
Fetching data from the server (Should know)
Prefetching data with a server fallback (Should know)
Manipulating data (Become an expert)
Creating custom events (Become an expert)
Collecting datasets (Become an expert)
Displaying your dataset to the user (Should know)
Caching your results (Should know)
Supporting LocalStorage (Should know)
Minimizing lookups (Become an expert)
Testing the typeahead.js codebase (Become an expert)
Testing the typeahead.js code (Become an expert)
Integrating typeahead.js into Bootstrap (Should know)
Integrating typeahead.js into WordPress (Become an expert)
Integrating typeahead.js into Ruby on Rails (Become an expert)

What You Will Learn

  • Install typeahead.js and its dependencies
  • Understand basic searching with typeahead.js
  • Preload JSON into typeahead.js and search using your server
  • Work with templates and cache results to improve performance
  • Run the test suite for typeahead.js
  • Integrate typeahead.js with WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Bootstrap

In Detail

typeahead.js is a powerful tool that allows users to use an autocomplete feature on web forms, therefore speeding up their input process and improving the overall website experience.

Instant typeahead.js will take a reader with no or limited knowledge of typeahead.js and guide them through everything they need to know to become proficient at using this powerful tool.

Instant typeahead.js starts by showing you how to install typeahead.js and ends by walking you through some advanced optimization examples, progressively building your skills through the use of easy-to-understand language and practical examples.

As you go through the book, you will learn about testing typeahead.js, optimizing typeahead.js, and also skills like integrating typeahead.js with WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Bootstrap. The book will also take a look at the tools that work well with typeahead.js.


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