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  • Creating Silverlight Custom Controls with Animations
  • Imitating fire using Perlin Noise
  • Imitating clouds using Perlin Noise
  • Building 3-d Effects using Projection Transform
  • Creating 3-d animations by using a Silverlight subset of XNA functionality allowing adding High Level Shader Language code to be executed on the Graphics card to a Silverlight application
  • Building a Silverlight banner ad and adding it to an HTML page

Silverlight is a Web technology that allows you to create both large business applications and little ads for your web page. Silverlight’s main advantage is the ability to create rich UIs easily. In this book we will show how to build animations for different types of Silverlight applications in order to create great user experience.

"Instant Silverlight 5 Animation" is a practical guide to creating great user experiences in Silverlight. This book will clear Silverlight/WPF concepts needed for creating animations as well as practical examples of creating animations that will help you become an efficient developer for creating animations with Silverlight.

This book provides a number of hands on examples of creating Silverlight animations in order to improve the user experience whether you are building a Silverlight Business application or a Silverlight banner ad. We also talk about ways to integrate Silverlight animations with business logic quickly and in the least invasive way.

This book can be of help to both beginners and advanced developers. It starts talking about Silverlight concepts like dependency/attached properties and bindings. Then it goes into nitty-gritty detail of creating different animations for different application types. We explain how to animate custom controls, page navigation, how to imitate animation of random processes like fire or moving clouds. We talk about creating 3-D animations and building banner ads for your web page. Every concept, we describe in this book, is supported by small, detailed and easy to understand samples.

  • Animate Silverlight page navigation
  • Build and animate Silverlight custom controls
  • Create animated textures using Perlin noise in Silverlight
  • Build 3-d animations in Silverlight
  • Build banner ads in Silverlight
Page Count 110
Course Length 3 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781849687157
Date Of Publication 22 Jan 2013


Nick Polyak

Nick Polyak is a technology enthusiast who enjoys building software and learning new technologies. For the past six years, Nick worked primarily on Silverlight/WPF projects, and prior to that he worked with C++ and Java. Nick is looking forward to harnessing the new capabilities coming with HTML5 and modern JavaScript libraries. Nick got his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1998. He did his research in Wavelet based image processing and published a number of papers on the subject. More recently Nick published several articles on some of which (a Prism tutorial and an article on MVVM) became quite popular. Nick is the owner of the consulting company.