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Instant PrimeFaces Starter

Ian Hlavats

Design and develop awesome web user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices with PrimeFaces and JSF2 using practical, hands-on examples
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849519908
Paperback90 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Integrate Google Maps in your web application to show search results with markers and overlays with the PrimeFaces gmap component
  • Develop a customizable dashboard for your users that displays charts with live data, news feeds, and draggable widgets
  • Implement a live chat system that uses Prime Push to send updates to desktop and mobile users simultaneously
  • Create a mobile version of your web application that supports Android, iOS, and other platforms using the PrimeFaces Mobile toolkit
  • You can find the updated code bundle at -

Who This Book Is For

Instant PrimeFaces Starter is great for developers looking to get started quickly with PrimeFaces. It's assumed that you have some JSF experience already, as well as familiarity with other Java technologies such as CDI and JPA and an understanding of MVC principles, object-relational mapping (ORM), and dependency injection (DI). The sample application included with the book is fully functional and demonstrates how to use these technologies together with PrimeFaces.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant PrimeFaces Starter
So, what is PrimeFaces?
Quick start – Implementing a sample project using PrimeFaces
Top 3 features you need to know about
People and places you should get to know

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a new PrimeFaces project in Eclipse using Maven
  • Configure PrimeFaces in web.xml
  • Implement a login screen using PrimeFaces Ajax components and JSF2
  • Use PrimeFaces themes and jQuery ThemeRoller to change the look and feel
  • Implement a member signup form with CAPTCHA and password strength
  • Add PrimeFaces modal dialogs to improve user interaction
  • Work with PrimeFaces Ajax status indicators
  • Implement a search screen with the PrimeFaces Google Maps component
  • Develop a mobile version of the web application with PrimeFaces Mobile
  • Build a live chat feature using Prime Push to send updates to desktop and mobile browsers simultaneously

In Detail

Developing great user interfaces for web applications has never been easier! PrimeFaces delivers a powerful set of features that enable JSF developers to deliver awesome user experiences on the Web. With more than 150 Ajax-enabled UI components, jQuery integration, a mobile UI toolkit, theme support, Ajax Push technology, and much more, PrimeFaces takes JSF application development to a whole new level!

Instant PrimeFaces Starter is a practical, hands-on guide to PrimeFaces that will show you how to get started quickly using PrimeFaces in your web applications and provides examples on how to design and develop compelling user interfaces using PrimeFaces Ajax UI components, PrimeFaces Mobile, and PrimeFaces Push.

Starting with the setup of your first PrimeFaces project in Eclipse, Instant PrimeFaces Starter will then take you through the process of designing and implementing the user interface of a social events web application that enables users to find fun things in their city. In this process you will learn a range of techniques for building innovative user interfaces with PrimeFaces UI components.

You will also learn how to build a mobile version of your web application using the PrimeFaces Mobile toolkit, leveraging the jQuery mobile library to extend your web application to Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. Finally you will see how to build a live chat application with presence awareness that uses PrimeFaces Push technology to send updates to desktop and mobile users simultaneously.


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