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Instant PhpStorm Starter

Włodzimierz Gajda

Learn professional PHP development with PhpStorm
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693943
Paperback86 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Learn PHPStorm from scratch, from downloading to installation with no prior knowledge required
  • Enter, modify, and inspect the source code with as much automation as possible
  • Simple, full of easy-to-follow procedures and intuitive illustrations, this book will set you speedily on the right track


Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer who knows the basics of PHP and want to learn the PHPStorm and Symfony 2 frameworks, this book is for you. The book concentrates on using the IDE and not on the PHP language.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant PhpStorm Starter
So, what is PhpStorm?
Quick start – your first PHP application
Top features you need to know about
People and places you should get to know

What You Will Learn

  • Create and run your first PHP application using the modern Symfony2 framework.
  • Configure and customize the IDE including its different windows and tools.
  • Navigate efficiently through the project files, code, and the IDE itself.
  • Use the advanced editor’s features, including file templates, live templates, and autocomplete; with them, you will avoid typing predefined and easily accessible code blocks.
  • Learn code injections, a quite unique feature to embed pieces of one language (for example HTML) into another (for example PHP) in the same file. With them you will be able to apply autocomplete in a cross-language way.
  • Generate overridden methods, getters, setters, and so on. Your OOP will be taken to the next level.
  • Use highly customizable autoformatting – this will relieve you from manual adjustments to comply with coding standards.
  • Learn the basics of Git – the best Open Source version control system.

In Detail

PHPStorm is a modern integrated development environment for the PHP language. PHPStorm provides an intelligent editor for PHP code, HTML, and JavaScript with on-the-fly code analysis and automated refactoring for PHP and JavaScript code. PHPStorm's code completion supports PHP 5.4, including namespaces, closures, traits, and short array syntax. It includes a full-fledged SQL editor with editable query results.

"Instant PHPStorm Starter" is a plain and simple introduction to the world of advanced and professional PHP development with PHPStorm. It concentrates on the various tools and operations that will help you to produce better code in a more efficient way.

Learning professional PHP development starts with the basic using, analysing, and extending of existing PHP code. The book will guide you through the process of setting up and running your first application in Symfony2, a PHP hot topic that enforces all the best practices in PHP programming. Once you complete the task, you will acquire all the necessary knowledge to efficiently work on your code.

The book covers PHPStorm’s interface as well as the most useful tools to generate, modify, and inspect the code. We start with the basic configuration of tool windows and the general IDE’s appearance. Then we proceed with the first application; here, you will learn to manipulate the project’s files. Next, we describe the most important operations concerning the code, one-by-one. This part of the book is divided into three main sections: editing, high level programming operations, and VCS.

This book covers all the killer features of the PHPStorm IDE.


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