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  • Install node.js and npm
  • Modularize code in different files and folders
  • Create a working node module
  • Publish your node module on the npm registry
  • Create node executables and put them in the system's path
  • Bootstrap two modules together so that both can keep abreast with one another
  • Lock down dependencies to avoid surprises
  • Configure the local npm installation to provide some of your own convenient defaults

Node.js is the new buzz in town and has a vibrant community.It ships with npm, which is a tool that helps automate various development, deployment, and installation of node modules, and makes the process much easier.

Instant Node Package Module is a practical guide to authoring and distributing node modules, and also for creating and managing private, standalone node.js projects.

Starting with getting node.js installed and running on a variety of platforms, we then proceed to learn about code modularization and achieving it in node.js. Picking up a practical example, we will then explore the whole process and life cycle of conceiving, writing, and publishing a node module. We will also learn how to exploit a toolsincluded with npm to automate various development and deployment steps.

Later on, we will discover the power of npm and how its different features and configurations can save large amounts of time by providing a helping hand for automating repetitive tasks between writing and publishing your modules.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Create and distribute node modules
  • Learn how to publish executables
  • Automate the installation of dependencies
Page Count 56
Course Length 1 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781783283347
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2013


Juzer Ali

Juzer Ali was born and brought up in a small Indian town of Mhow near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. After finishing school in Mhow he took up an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering course at Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore. During his college days, irrespective of his branch of study, he was always interested in learning computer programming. After graduating he worked for two and a half years at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a full stack engineer. It was during this tenure that Juzer came across node.js technology and started exploring it. Juzer has made some open source contributions and is a co-maintainer of nodeelasticsearch- client project and the author of crawl.js and expressive-router node modules. He tried to spread JavaScript best practices and evangelize node.js at TCS. Currently he is working as a node.js consultant with a multinational company. Although he was inclined towards writing since childhood, he never undertook serious writing on a technical subject before this book. He has been writing short fiction stories on his blog since adolescence.