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  • Set up and handle routes in your Nancy based web applications
  • Bind request data to your custom model
  • Send data back to clients marshalled in the format that they prefer
  • Extend Nancy to handle specialized data formats
  • Control authentication and authorization in your web applications
  • Run your web applications in the Cloud
  • Manage cross- cutting concerns across parts, or the whole of your application
  • Deal with requests asynchronously

Nancy is a C# web framework which aims to provide you ,the application developer, with an easy path to follow, where things will naturally fall into place and work. Nancy is a powerful, flexible, and lightweight web framework that allows you to get on with your job.

Instant Nancy Web Development will give Readers practical introduction to building, testing, and deploying web applications with Nancy. You will learn how to take full advantage of Nancy to build clean application code, and will see how this code lends itself nicely to test driven development. You will also learn how to hook into Nancy to easily extend the framework.

Instant Nancy Web Development offers you an in-depth exploration of all the major features of the Nancy web framework, from basic routing to deployment in the Cloud, and from model binding to automated tests.

You will learn how to build web applications with Nancy and explore how to build web sites using Razor views. Next, you will learn how to build web based APIs suitable for JavaScript clients, mobile clients, and even desktop applications. In fact, you will learn how to easily combine the two into one.

Finally, you will learn how to leverage Nancy to write clean and maintainable web applications quickly.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Build web applications and APIs using the Nancy Web Framework
  • Define routes and handle requests in clean and easy-to-follow code
  • Use flexible data binding and content negotiation in your Nancy Web APIs to easily support a multitude of client applications
Page Count 74
Course Length 2 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781783283927
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2013


Christian Horsdal

Christian Horsdal is an independent consultant working with clients as an architect, consultant, and developer. He works with clients of all types, from small start-ups to large global companies. Christian is an expert .NET architect and developer who mixes and matches commercial, open source, and tailor-made components in a quest to create simple and lean solutions that allow for quick and agile development. Christian can be found online through his website