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Instant jQuery Selectors

Aurelio De Rosa

Learn how to master the art of effectively using jQuery's selectors
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783282210
Paperback70 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Create your own jQuery filters to retrieve elements using a mnemonic name chosen by you
  • Learn how to improve performances by just tweaking selectors
  • Combine multiple selectors to express complex criteria
  • Filter a collection of elements using the myriad of filters available in jQuery

Who This Book Is For

Instant jQuery Selectors is for web developers who want to delve into jQuery from its very starting point: selectors. Even if you're already familiar with the framework and its selectors, you could find several tips and tricks that you aren't aware of, especially about performance and how jQuery acts behind the scenes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant jQuery Selectors
Setting up jQuery (Must know)
The All selector (Must know)
Selecting by ID (Must know)
Selecting by class (Must know)
Selecting by tag (Must know)
Multiple selectors at once (Should know)
Selecting by hierarchy (Must know)
Selecting by attributes (Should know)
Selecting by position using filters (Should know)
Selecting from elements using filters (Should know)
Child filters (Should know)
Other filters (Become an expert)
Custom filters (Become an expert)
Context matters (Should know)
Improving performance re-using selected elements (Become an expert)
Methods to filter collections (Become an expert)
Traversing DOM SubTrees (Become an expert)
How to have efficient selectors (Become an expert)

What You Will Learn

  • Include the jQuery framework in your website
  • Choose the right version for your project
  • Use basic selectors like the Universal, the ID, and the Class selector
  • Combine multiple selectors to create a complex one
  • Select elements based on their position in the DOM or by their relation with other elements
  • Learn and master jQuery's filters and create your own to fit your needs
  • Discover the methods to find elements starting from a matched set of nodes

In Detail

jQuery's selectors is one of the most important concepts of the jQuery library. Usually, the first thing you do is to select one or more elements of a page in order to manipulate them. Therefore, to efficiently learn the usage of jQuery's selectors is one of the first steps to successfully build your website.

Instant jQuery Selectors is a practical guide that will teach you how to use jQuery's selectors efficiently in order to easily select theelements of your pages to operate upon with jQuery's methods. You will go through the most common problems that you could face while developing your project and will learn how to solve them with the help of focused examples that Instant jQuery Selectors has to offer.

Instant jQuery Selectors, starting from how to set up jQuery and how to choose the right version for your project, explains to you all the selectors available using a multitude of simple and practical recipes that will help you start using selectors in the right way. Reading the presented recipes you'll learn about the numerous selectors and filters of jQuery – almost 100 of them! You will see how to reuse collections, the methods to filter collections, and how to take advantage of the lesser known parameter of jQuery's constructor: context. Also, you'll discover the methods to traverse the DOM and the techniques to improve the performance of your website by just tweaking selectors.

Instant jQuery Selectors is the resource to learn everything you need to know about jQuery's selectors.


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