Instant jqGrid

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  • Create and customize grids
  • Format data for humans
  • Add controls to the grid
  • Validate data on the front end
  • Manipulate data with customized forms
  • Search and filter large datasets
  • Use special functions and events to extend the functionality

jqGrid is a JS library built with the principles of power and flexibility, and it fully embraces the open source community. It makes no preconceptions on how you should use it, and it gives you the opportunity to showcase and manipulate your data from the front end itself, thereby gaining independence from server-side technology and a database back end.

Instant jqGrid invites you into the world of possibilities provided by jqGrid. Starting from the most humble of setups, we move on to adding controls, captions, and features, turning a simple table element into a living component on your page.

Instant jqGrid introduces you to the vast library of options jqGrid has to offer. You will start from scratch and progress through the most common scenarios. You will learn how to take data and not only display it, but manipulate it from the front end itself. You will cover topics such as validation and persisting changes to the back end, and you will learn how to further extend your setup with special functions and events. By the end of Instant jqGrid, you will know how a lot of it works, but more importantly, you will know where to find the things you need.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Create grids easily to fit your data
  • Customize data to fit your users’ needs
  • Implement persisting changes to the back end
  • Search and filter through your datasets efficiently
Page Count 58
Course Length 1 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781783289929
Date Of Publication 24 Jul 2013


Gabriel Manricks

Gabriel Manricks is a full-stack software and web developer, and a writer. He is the CTO at CoinSimple and a staff writer at Nettuts+, where he enjoys learning as well as teaching others. He also freelances in the fields of web consulting, development, and writing.