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  • Explore the Django framework architecture
  • Handle the Django Database API
  • Create Views and URLs
  • Learn Django’s powerful template system
  • Set up an example administrative site
  • How to build forms and use Form objects in Django
  • Work with users and sessions
  • Deploy Django applications on a production quality web server

Django is a high-level Python application framework built for development speed and accuracy. With a flatter learning curve than most frameworks, Django quickly enables you to create elegant, performant applications.

In this book you will jump into Django by creating a web application step by step. Offering you a quick but comprehensive immersion into the world of Python development, Instant Django 1.5 Application Development Starter begins with a practical exploration of the framework’s powerful mechanisms and tools and finishes your journey by taking you through the creation of one sample application.

In "Instant Django 1.5 Application Development Starter" you will learn how Django’s components work together. You will get familiar with the powerful template system, and will discover how easy it is to generate a web administration interface for your project. You will learn how to work with user authentication, forms, and session management.

Through this book you will learn everything you need to know to create stunning web applications in a very short time, taking advantage of all the beauty and power that Python has to offer. If you want to start building serious web applications using Python, this book is all you need.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Work with the database API to create a data-driven app
  • Learn Django by creating a practical web application
  • Get started with Django’s powerful and flexible template system
Page Count 78
Course Length 2 hours 20 minutes
ISBN 9781782163572
Date Of Publication 22 Feb 2013


Mauro Rocco

Mauro Rocco is an Italian software engineer, Python lover, open source ambassador, and Ducati fan. He currently lives in Luxembourg and works for a major financial services company, trying to promote open source technology in this old-fashioned-IT industry. Mauro holds a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering specialising in network applications.