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  • Investigate synchronous and asynchronous methods to kick start your application with RequireJS
  • Create application level RequireJS configuration settings
  • Explore reusable and non-reusable AMD modules
  • Use and create jQuery and jQueryUI Widget Factory plugins with RequireJS
  • Discover the best practices for using non-AMD compatible JavaScript files with RequireJS
  • Learn techniques for maintaining one codebase to support a mobile web and desktop application
  • Explore how to dynamically render Lodash templates with the RequireJS text plugin
  • Explore techniques for optimizing an entire JavaScript project with the RequireJS optimizer

Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) script loaders are fast becoming one of the most popular tools for improving the performance and maintainability of front-end web applications. RequireJS stands out as the most popular AMD script loader, and comes packed with amazing features.

Instant Dependency Management with RequireJS How-to will guide you on how to improve the performance and maintainability of your JavaScript applications with RequireJS. You will learn simple to advanced techniques for converting your JavaScript application to an AMD workflow.

This hands-on guide will teach you both basic and advanced techniques when using the AMD script loader RequireJS.

It covers how to create AMD modules to make your web application more maintainable, how to use jQuery, jQueryUI, Backbone.js, Lodash.js, Jasmine, and other third-party libraries with RequireJS, how to incorporate RequireJS plugins to dynamically render JavaScript templates and optimize JavaScript files, and how to unit test a RequireJS application.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Filled with useful tips to improve the performance and maintainability of web applications
  • Contains valuable guidance to integrate popular third-party libraries, such as jQuery, the jQueryUI Widget Factory, and Backbone.js, with RequireJS
  • Includes extensive RequireJS plugin examples for dynamically rendering JavaScript templates, optimizing JavaScript files, and more
Page Count 42
Course Length 1 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781782169079
Date Of Publication 21 May 2013


Greg Franko

Greg Franko is a 24-year-old JavaScript engineer at AddThis and the maintainer of several popular open source JavaScript projects. He is also a technical writer who blogs regularly at and has contributed to the open source book, Backbone.js Fundamentals, O'Reilly Media.

He is currently a lead JavaScript developer for and the popular AddThis third-party tool suite. He has also worked as a software engineer at AOL where he created the mobile web registration apps for, AOL Mail, MapQuest, Aim, and The Huffington Post.