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Instant 960 Grid System

Diego Tres

Learn to create websites for mobile devices using the 960 Grid System!
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783280735
Paperback52 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Lay out your website in Photoshop using the 960 Grid System
  • Set up an environment to apply grids to the code
  • Convert the layout to medium and small screens

Who This Book Is For

The book is intended for beginner web developers and information architects looking to create a quick responsive website prototype. Basic knowledge of web development and a little understanding of grids is encouraged.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant 960 Grid System
So, what is 960 Grid System?
Quick start – using 960 Grid System from Photoshop to code
Top 3 features you need to know about 960 Grid System
People and places you should get to know

What You Will Learn

  • Download the 960 Grid System
  • Choose the right number of columns for the project
  • Use a Photoshop template
  • Prepare code to be used in the 960 Grid System
  • Understand the classes of the 960 Grid System frameworks
  • Download the 960 Fluid Grid Systems
  • Convert your website to small and medium screen platforms

In Detail

Grid systems were an integral part of World War II, helping graphic designers to achieve coherency in devising a flexible system. This book exploits the vast potential of grid systems to create organized and properly aligned websites for mobile platforms.

Instant 960 Grid System is a practical, hands-on guide explaining how to build a website using targeting mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones.

This book shows you how to build quick and organized websites, clearing out the confusion that surrounds column allocation. It will take you through a number of clear and practical exercises that will help you to take advantage of the 960 Grid Systems.

You will also learn how to build your own portfolio, starting with the layout in Photoshop to the final product available in HTML. If you want to understand and familiarize yourself with how to use the 960 Grid System and at the same time want to prepare your website quickly to run on smartphones and tablets, then this book is for you. Not only will it cover the creation of a quickly-produced neat and concise website for different platforms, but it will also teach you how to make it responsive.


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