HTML5 for Flash Developers

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  • Understand and create HTML5 content utilizing skills from your Flash development experience
  • Integrate popular external open source libraries and frameworks
  • Create interactive HTML5 content using CSS and JavaScript
  • Prepare and integrate multimedia and understand browser playback limitations
  • Locate and utilize HTML5 development tools and editors
  • Optimize your content for fast delivery over the Web

As the support for HTML5 within modern web browsers grows, the appeal of HTML5 development, especially for Flash developers, is at an all-time high. From 3D interactive multi-user content to high definition video streaming, HTML5 can deliver it all, to almost all modern web browsers, desktops, and mobile platforms.

HTML5 for Flash Developers is a practical, targeted guide for developers with previous experience in developing applications in Flash who would like to add HTML5 development to their skill set. By understanding key aspects that make HTML5 development different from Flash you will be able to integrate your current skill set into the HTML5 development paradigm.

Starting with identifying the key technologies that make up the HTML5 development stack and how they are utilized to create HTML5 content, HTML5 for Flash Developers will cover the traditional HTML5 application development flow chapter by chapter, while covering many other common tools that are regularly used in HTML5 today.

In addition to understanding and writing dependency-free HTML5 code, you will also learn how to build your HTML5 applications on top of popular libraries and frameworks such as jQuery and CreateJS. This book covers how to prepare all of your content and media for integration into your HTML5 application using applications such as the Miro Video Converter or Adobe Photoshop. You will learn ways to not only continue to use Adobe Flash in your HTML5 application content preparation flow, but also how to port your existing Flash content right over to HTML5.

Once you understand what it takes to build HTML5 content, you will finish up by learning how to debug, optimize, and prepare your content for release on the Web.

  • Discover and utilize the wide range of technologies available in the HTML5 stack
  • Develop HTML5 applications with external libraries and frameworks
  • Prepare and integrate external HTML5 compliant media assets into your projects
Page Count 322
Course Length 9 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781849693325
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher, Senior Developer at Jam3 (www, is passionate about technology. Whether it is building large-scale multi-user online applications or programming a model plane to fly itself, he brings that passion with him to every project. An interactive web and systems developer by day and an electronics-obsessed person by night, Matt's diverse and highly-valued skill set makes him stand out from the crowd. Matt's fascination with technology and programming began at a young age and today, most of his technical and programming skills are self-taught. In the recent past, Matt has also been a part-time professor at both colleges and universities in Toronto, as well as an advisory board member. His website,, gives a detailed description of his work.