Highcharts Cookbook

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  • Create charts in a variety of display formats
  • Process data from different remote or local sources with AJAX and Websockets
  • Create simple polls
  • Render charts for offline usage or e-mail
  • Integrate Highcharts with existing frontend and backend frameworks
  • Connect Highcharts to other data sources such as git for interesting visualizations
  • Display simple statistical data
  • Extend the Highcharts library for more reusable, versatile charts

Highcharts is a JavaScript library that enables web developers to create a wide range of different, highly customized charts. Highcharts easily integrates with existing JavaScript frameworks and is simple enough to make a column chart in a few lines of code, but flexible enough to handle more complex charting scenarios such as viewing multiple chart types with different data sources on a multitude of devices and form-factors.

"Highcharts Cookbook" is a practical guide that provides you with clear, step-by-step recipes to create dynamic, functional charts in your web applications using Highcharts. With "Highcharts Cookbook", you will create and design dynamic and versatile charts in different scenarios.

"Highcharts Cookbook" through its wide array of recipes will walk you through everything you need to know about Highcharts and will enable you to unleash its full potential in your web applications quickly and easily.

You will learn how to integrate Highcharts with different frontend and backend libraries such as ExtJS, jQuery, and the Yii framework with some examples in Python, PHP, and NodeJS. You will also cover how to handle user interactions like form input and mouse events, how to fetch remote data in CSV, XML, and JSON format, and how to render charts for offline usage. If you want to learn the different ways you can leverage the power of Highcharts to create, integrate and extend its features in your application, then this book is for you.

  • Create amazing interactive charts that update in realtime
  • Make charts that work wherever you go: phone or desktop; online or offline
  • Learn how to extend, and enhance Highcharts to design and develop charts easily
  • Learn how you can integrate charts into just about any project for analyzing statistical data
Page Count 332
Course Length 9 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781783559688
Date Of Publication 20 Mar 2014


Nicholas Terwoord

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