Heroku Cloud Application Development

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  • Recognize the components of the Heroku infrastructure and how they work together to give a seamless platform experience
  • Write an application using any supported language (Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, and more) and deploy it easily and instantly
  • Run and scale your cloud application on demand using a variety of useful Heroku commands
  • Secure and debug your cloud application faster using popular techniques and tools
  • Reuse the provided samples to build agile and robust applications
  • Extend your application features by using simple plugins and add-ons
  • Manage all your applications intuitively using the one-stop Heroku dashboard

Heroku is one of the leading cloud platforms supported by several programming languages. It lets you develop applications without worrying about the infrastructure. You can instantly build, deploy, and troubleshoot the most advanced and robust cloud applications using a rich set of available tools. Just write your application and leave the rest to Heroku. Heroku helps you build the most feature-rich web applications using add-ons and multiple data sources that can be easily configured.

This book is about Heroku, but more importantly, it is about the ease with which a developer with limited availability or knowledge of deployment infrastructure can run and manage a cloud app 24/7/365. It will show how Heroku is language independent and does not lock the user to a particular operating environment.

  • Understand the concepts of the Heroku platform: how it works, the application development stack, and security features
  • Learn how to build, deploy, and troubleshoot a cloud application in the most popular programming languages easily and quickly using Heroku
  • Leverage the book's practical examples to build your own "real" Heroku cloud applications in no time
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781783550975
Date Of Publication 23 Apr 2014


Anubhav Hanjura

Anubhav Hanjura is a cloud technology enthusiast and a software architect. He specializes in server-side development (C++, C, and Java) for distributed software platforms, and is an avid blog reader. When he is not designing software systems, you can find him collecting books, pondering over puzzles, or bookmarking general trivia. He is a passionate mentor, has authored several white papers, and has also served as a project guide for students on many occasions. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from NIT, Surat.