Hands-On RxJS for Web Development [Video]

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  • Work with the modern Reactive Extension event-based programming approach in JS
  • Use real-world examples of development practices to solve issues with less code
  • Easily implement retry on error or repeat logic for your HTTP request-ordering problems with RxJS
  • Handle HTTP requests with a few lines of code
  • Create scalable app architectures and organize convenient inter-component data flows
  • Build easily-updatable web components and combine the latest ZIP operators
  • Implement RxJS solutions in the popular modern Angular framework
  • Use RxJS patterns and anti-patterns to improve your code maintainability

Web application code can get tangled up, which makes it hard to test and maintain. Also, asynchronous computations and HTTP requests have to be properly managed. However, with RxJS 6 you can unify, filter, and transform these streams with ease. By introducing RxJS 6 into your code, you can build clean and fault-tolerant web applications.
This course shows you how to handle work tasks and issues with RxJS 6. It helps you develop the skills you need to create Reactive applications with RxJS 6. With this course, you'll enter the Reactive world by using Angular and vanilla JS. You will learn to execute asynchronous event handling techniques using RxJS 6.
By the end of the course, you'll be saving precious development time by using RxJS 6. You'll scale your own applications effectively, and use Angular framework that relies on RxJS 6.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-RxJS-for-Web-development

Style and Approach

This course offers a quick way to become familiar with Reactive Programming concepts and start using them in real-life tasks with the RxJS library. The course is focused on using RxJS for Reactive web UI in vanilla JS and Angular apps.

  • Perform complex web development operations to scale your applications easily with RxJS
  • Prevent typical imperative async programming issues such as race conditions, complicated data composing and error handling, request canceling, retry on error, and others
  • Use observable-based store-management solutions in modern framework apps to achieve scalability and reusability
Course Length 5 hours 17 minutes
ISBN 9781788838429
Date Of Publication 31 Dec 2018


Oleksandr Poshtaruk

Oleksandr Poshtaruk is a frontend developer and a part-time Angular and RxJS mentor on codementor.io. He has worked on commercial projects using Angular 2/4 and RxJS for the past 3½ years. He has over 17 years' experience in the commercial IT industry as a system engineer and developer. He is a Stack Overflow activist with 1000+ score points for Angular and RxJS. He holds down a senior front-end developer position in tonicforhealth.com. He is also a conference speaker at JS-fwdays-2018 on RxJS solutions. Conference link - https://fwdays.com/en/event/js-fwdays-2018
Stack Overflow- https://stackoverflow.com/users/6528560/alexander-poshtaruk