Hands-On Swift 5 Microservices Development

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  • Grasp server-side Swift development concepts using practical examples
  • Understand the microservices approach and why Swift is a great choice for building microservices
  • Design and structure mobile and web applications using microservices architecture
  • Discover the available database options and understand which one to choose
  • Scale and monitor your microservices
  • Use Postman to automate testing for your microservices API

The capabilities of the Swift programming language are extended to server-side development using popular frameworks such as Vapor. This enables Swift programmers to implement the microservices approach to design scalable and easy-to-maintain architecture for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and watchOS applications.

This book is a complete guide to building microservices for iOS applications. You’ll start by examining Swift and Vapor as backend technologies and compare them to their alternatives. The book then covers the concept of microservices to help you get started with developing your first microservice. Throughout this book, you’ll work on a case study of writing an e-commerce backend as a microservice application. You’ll understand each microservice as it is broken down into details and written out as code throughout the book. You’ll also become familiar with various aspects of server-side development such as scalability, database options, and information flow for microservices that are unwrapped in the process. As you advance, you’ll get to grips with microservices testing and see how it is different from testing a monolith application. Along the way, you’ll explore tools such as Docker, Postman, and Amazon Web Services.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to build a ready-to-deploy application that can be used as a base for future applications.

  • Understand server-side Swift development concepts for building your first microservice
  • Build microservices using Vapor 4 and deploy them to the cloud using Docker
  • Learn effective techniques for enhancing maintainability and stability of your Swift applications
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781789530889
Date Of Publication 2 Mar 2020


Ralph Kuepper

Ralph Kuepper has worked in the web and software industry for over 15 years. He started his own company when he was 17 years old while still attending high school and college. Over the years, he has worked on projects for companies such as Adidas, KIA, and Honda. Coming from a traditional background of developing backends and websites using PHP and a monolithic approach, he has embraced and fine-tuned a Swift-based microservice approach for the last 4 years. His company, Skelpo Inc., has been actively involved in the development of the Vapor framework and has contributed a variety of open source microservices as well as related packages.