Hands-on JavaScript for Python Developers

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  • Learn the purpose and place of JavaScript at the front-end and back-end
  • Articulate the separation of concerns that may arise when using a Pythonic backend
  • Differentiate between Pythonic and JavaScript coding conventions
  • Understand front-end tasks, including UX/UI work, form validation, front-end animations, and more
  • Create modern interaction interfaces for a web application
  • Use skills on the full web stack to create a full project using modern web technologies

Your knowledge of Python is a great foundation to learn other languages for your software engineering career. JavaScript has unique features disparate from the use of Python in that it's integral to front-end work and provides streamlined work on the back-end by the same developer. From working with user interactions, ingesting data from APIs, to creating APIs with Node.js, you'll jump-start your mastery of JavaScript with hands-on exercises, code snippets, and detailed descriptions of JavaScript's history, use, and benefits.

Starting with the history of JavaScript, we'll cover its syntax, use in the browser, and frameworks and libraries. Since JavaScript is also used on the back-end, we'll explore Node.js and how it can communicate well with databases. We'll also create our own RESTful API and connect the front- and back-ends.

By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge to write a full-fledged web application from start to finish, walk away with several projects for your portfolio, and the confidence to be a JavaScript developer.

  • Complement your Python knowledge with JavaScript to become a holistic web developer.
  • Understand the fundamentals of JavaScript, user-centered design, and various frameworks for client-side and server-side processing.
  • Create full-stack applications with JavaScript in a layered manner
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781838648121
Date Of Publication 19 Jun 2020


Sonyl Nagale

Chicago-born, Iowa-raised, Los Angeles-seasoned, and now New York City-flavored, Sonyl started his career as a graphic designer focusing on web which led down the slippery slope to becoming a full-stack technologist instead. With an eye towards the client use case and conversation with the creative side, he prides himself on taking a holistic approach to software engineering. Having worked at startups to global media companies using a variety of languages and frameworks, he likes solving new and novel challenges. Passionate about education, he's always excited to have great teachable moments complete with laughter and seeing the “aha!” moments in students’ eyes.