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  • Discover how to design, test, and operate scalable microservices
  • Coordinate and deploy different services using Kubernetes
  • Use Docker to construct scalable and manageable applications with microservices
  • Understand how to monitor a complete system to ensure early detection of problems
  • Become well versed with migrating from an existing monolithic system to a microservice one
  • Use load balancing to ensure seamless operation between the old monolith and the new service

Microservices architecture helps create complex systems with multiple, interconnected services that can be maintained by independent teams working in parallel. This book guides you on how to develop these complex systems with the help of containers.

You’ll start by learning to design an efficient strategy for migrating a legacy monolithic system to microservices. You’ll build a RESTful microservice with Python and learn how to encapsulate the code for the services into a container using Docker. While developing the services, you’ll understand how to use tools such as GitHub and Travis CI to ensure continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI). As the systems become complex and grow in size, you’ll be introduced to Kubernetes and explore how to orchestrate a system of containers while managing multiple services. Next, you’ll configure Kubernetes clusters for production-ready environments and secure them for reliable deployments. In the concluding chapters, you’ll learn how to detect and debug critical problems with the help of logs and metrics. Finally, you’ll discover a variety of strategies for working with multiple teams dealing with different microservices for effective collaboration.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build production-grade microservices as well as orchestrate a complex system of services using containers.

  • Learn to use Docker containers to create, operate, and deploy your microservices
  • Create workflows to manage independent deployments on coordinating services using CI and GitOps through GitHub, Travis CI, and Flux
  • Develop a REST microservice in Python using the Flask framework and Postgres database
Page Count 408
Course Length 12 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781838823818
Date Of Publication 22 Nov 2019


Jaime Buelta

Jaime Buelta is a full-time Python developer since 2010 and a regular speaker at PyCon Ireland. He has been a professional programmer for over two decades with a rich exposure to a lot of different technologies throughout his career. He has developed software for a variety of fields and industries, including aerospace, networking and communications, industrial SCADA systems, video game online services, and finance services.