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  • Resolve data from multi-table database and system architectures
  • Build a GraphQL API by implementing models and schemas with Apollo and Sequelize
  • Set up an Apollo Client and build front end components using React
  • Use Mocha to test your full-stack application
  • Write complex React components and share data across them
  • Deploy your application using Docker

React, one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks, allows developers to build fast and scalable front end applications for any use case. GraphQL is the modern way of querying an API. It represents an alternative to REST and is the next evolution in web development. Combining these two revolutionary technologies will give you a future-proof and scalable stack you can start building your business around.

This book will guide you in implementing applications by using React, Apollo, Node.js and SQL. We'll focus on solving complex problems with GraphQL, such as abstracting multi-table database architectures and handling image uploads. Our client, and server will be powered by Apollo. Finally we will go ahead and build a complete Graphbook. While building the app, we'll cover the tricky parts of connecting React to the back end, and maintaining and synchronizing state. We'll learn all about querying data and authenticating users. We'll write test cases to verify the front end and back end functionality for our application and cover deployment. By the end of the book, you will be proficient in using GraphQL and React for your full-stack development requirements.

  • Build full stack applications with modern APIs using GraphQL and Apollo
  • Integrate Apollo into React and build frontend components using GraphQL
  • Implement a self-updating notification pop-up with a unique GraphQL feature called Subscriptions
Page Count 468
Course Length 14 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781789134520
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Sebastian Grebe

Sebastian Grebe is a verified computer science expert for application development. He is a young entrepreneur working on a variety of products. He specializes in web development using modern technologies such as React and FeathersJS, but also traditional technologies such as PHP and SQL. Furthermore, he developed professionally by merging old and new applications, and developing cross-platform apps with React Native and Ionic.

Currently, he is actively working on his software agency, called Open Mind, which manages various software projects. He is also actively pushing a social network app that utilizes React, Apollo, and Cordova, which is called Coupled. He has worked for various companies as a software engineer and project manager, such as DB Netz AG.