Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript

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  • Build custom Back buttons embedded within your application
  • Build part of a basic JavaScript syntax parser and evaluator for an online IDE
  • Build a custom activity user tracker for your application
  • Generate accurate recommendations for credit card approval using Decision Trees
  • Simplify complex problems using a graphs
  • Increase the performance of an application using micro-optimizations

Data structures and algorithms are the fundamental building blocks of computer programming. They are critical to any problem, provide a complete solution, and act like reusable code. Using appropriate data structures and having a good understanding of algorithm analysis are key in JavaScript to solving crises and ensuring your application is less prone to errors.

Do you want to build applications that are high-performing and fast? Are you looking for complete solutions to implement complex data structures and algorithms in a practical way? If either of these questions rings a bell, then this book is for you!

You'll start by building stacks and understanding performance and memory implications. You will learn how to pick the right type of queue for the application. You will then use sets, maps, trees, and graphs to simplify complex applications. You will learn to implement different types of sorting algorithm before gradually calculating and analyzing space and time complexity. Finally, you'll increase the performance of your application using micro optimizations and memory management.

By the end of the book you will have gained the skills and expertise necessary to create and employ various data structures in a way that is demanded by your project or use case.

  • A step by step guide, which will provide you with a thorough discussion on the analysis and design of fundamental JavaScript data structures
  • Get a better understanding of advanced concepts such as space and time complexity to optimize your code
  • Focus more on solving the business problem and less on the technical challenges involved
Page Count 332
Course Length 9 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781788398558
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2018


Kashyap Mukkamala

Kashyap Mukkamala has been a JavaScript enthusiast since he first started working with it back in 2011. Apart from his fun side projects using IoT devices (Arduino, LeapMotion, AR Drones) and mobile applications (PhoneGap, Ionic, NativeScript) his corporate experience has been focused around building scalable web SPAs for Fortune 100 companies. Over the past few years, Kashyap has also been a JavaScript instructor for his company and has trained a few hundred students.

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