Grunt.js Cookbook : RAW

Let Grunt do the work so you don't have to with this book and ebook

Grunt.js Cookbook : RAW

Jurie-Jan Botha

Let Grunt do the work so you don't have to with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783286515
Paperback256 pages

About This Book

  • Describes how to implement automation solutions for common web application development tasks
  • Explores configuration variations that are available to the plugins used in each recipe
  • A practical guide with clear and concise instructions to build entire web applications easily using Grunt.js

Who This Book Is For

If you have some understanding of the JavaScript programming language and the vast array of development tools recently made available in the modern web application development sphere, this book is ideal for you. Perhaps you've already used many of these tools in your projects, but still have to perform repetitive tasks with them; or you're familiar with automation, but you're not aware of the tools available for use with it. This book will help to solve your problems.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Automate CSS generation
  • Manage asynchronous work inside a task
  • Automate HTML and CSS template compilation
  • Manage entire web applications using Grunt.js
  • Automate various levels of testing
  • Build and publish custom tasks and plugins
  • Automate CoffeeScript and LiveScript code compilation

In Detail

A web application can quickly turn into a complex orchestration of many smaller components, each one requiring its own bit of maintenance. Grunt.js allows you to automate all the repetitive tasks required to get everything working together by using JavaScript, the most popular programming language.

Starting with a basic introduction to Grunt.js and its default configuration, this book then proceeds to provide instructions for setting up a project to make use of it. This cookbook offers a host of easy-to-follow recipes for automating repetitive tasks in your web application's development, management, and deployment processes.

You will learn how to use the recipes to delve into aspects that are common to most projects such as the management of files, working with HTML page templates, deployment through various services, managing and generating JavaScript code, managing and generating CSS stylesheets, and working with automated testing tools. Extend your knowledge of building custom tasks, contributing to the plugin ecosystem, and utilizing tools that make use of Grunt.js to build entire web applications easily.

This book will introduce you to the various methods that can be used to automate basic processes and your favourite tools. By following the recipes and their accompanying explanations, you will soon be comfortable using Grunt to perform a wide array of advanced tasks in a range of different scenarios.


Table of Contents

Book Details

ISBN 139781783286515
Paperback256 pages
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