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Grunt.js Cookbook : RAW

Jurie-Jan Botha

Let Grunt do the work so you don't have to with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783286515
Paperback269 pages

About This Book

  • Streamline your build and deployment process
  • Contribute to the Grunt.js plugin eco-system
  • Build a web application using only Grunt.js plugins

Who This Book Is For

JavaScript developers who have dabbled with Grunt but are looking to take advantage of its full capabilities to vastly reduce the time they spend on repetitive tasks.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Watch files and run tasks on changes
  • Copy, move, delete and link files
  • Compile HTML templates from different sources
  • Optimize code, styles sheets and images
  • Deploy to a range of platforms
  • Setup and run test suites at the right times
  • Build your own simple to more advanced tasks
  • Contribute to the Grunt ecosystem
  • Create a web application with Grunt

In Detail

Grunt.js is an immensely popular new command-line tool for Javascript developers. It offers a fantastic range of features that allow you to streamline your workflows and save time and energy by automating repetitive tasks. A large and well-supported plugin ecosystem ensures that most things worth doing already have a plugin made for them.

The Grunt.js Cookbook includes over fifty recipes for practical tasks to perform with Grunt, offering solutions to a large array of common problems that developers face on a daily basis. Automate anything from compilation to management and even deployment. If you can't find a plugin that solves your problem just right, contribute to an existing one or build your very own and share it with the community. Consider this an introduction to a world where everyone helps everyone else to get things done faster.

This book has multiple benefits for developers. Begin with easy-to-follow instructions for core Grunt tasks such as LiveReload. You will find out how to use Grunt in conjunction with an array of different tools: compile different HTML templates, deploy to a variety of platforms, and perform a range of tests. Follow the recipes to become proficient with Grunt for file management, CSS and coding purposes. Master Grunt tasks, create your own plugins, and build sample web applications. Become accomplished at using Grunt for its true purpose - saving you time!


This book is currently available as a RAW (Read As we Write) book. A RAW book is an ebook, and this one is priced at 20% off the usual eBook price. Once you purchase the RAW book, you can immediately download the content of the book so far, and when new chapters become available, you will be notified, and  can download the new version of the book. When the book is published, you will receive the full, finished eBook.

If you like, you can preorder the print book at the same time as you purchase the RAW book at a significant discount.

Since a RAW book is an eBook, a RAW book is non returnable and non refundable.

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