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Google Apps: Mastering Integration and Customization

Médéric Morel , Manuel Alves , Pascal Cadet, Pirmin Lemberger

Scale your applications and projects onto the cloud with Google Apps using this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849692168
Paperback268 pages

About This Book

  • This is the English language translation of: Integrer Google Apps dans le SI, copyright Dunod, Paris, 2010
  • The quickest way to migrate to Google Apps - enabling you to get on with tasks
  • Overcome key challenges of Cloud Computing using Google Apps
  • Full of examples and including a case study: ‘Advanced integration with information systems'

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wishes to use and customize Google Apps in their office environment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Google and the Basics of Cloud Computing
A few words about Google
Google and Cloud Computing
Impact of the Cloud on the IS
The economic impact of Cloud Computing
Should the Cloud and Google be adopted now?
Chapter 2: Why Trust Google?
SaaS and data security
The multi-layer security strategy
Security at the user level
Data privacy
Availability of data and services
How difficult is it to leave Google?
Is it legal to use Google Apps?
Chapter 3: Communication Tools
A brief history of Gmail
Gmail in detail
Google Calendar in detail
Instant messaging with Google Talk
Other ways to access Gmail and Google Calendar
Chapter 4: Collaboration Tools
Google Docs
Google Sites
Google Video
Chapter 5: Security Tools
The Message Center and the personal archive
The main administration features
Chapter 6: Extending the Platform
Google Apps Marketplace
Google App Engine for business
Chapter 7: Managing a Google Apps Domain
Subscribing to Google Apps
Creating users and groups
Adjusting domain settings
Managing advanced elements
Application settings
Chapter 8: Federated Identity and SSO
The SSO issues
The SAML standard
Delegation of authentication for Google Apps
Integrating Google Apps with an Enterprise SSO
Google Apps as an ID provider with OpenID
Chapter 9: Advanced Integration
Integration modes
Accessing Google Apps from a third-party application: APIs
The Secure Data Connector
Running custom code on Google App Engine
Inserting Google Apps gadgets in a portal
Google storage
Chapter 10: Google "Workstation"
Accessing your Information System
Chrome OS and the user desktop
Android and mobile devices
Chapter 11: Third-Party Extensions
Chapter 12: Choosing a Migration Method
Identifying the company profile
Existing mail
Expressing requirements
The migration strategy
Chapter 13: The Pilot Project
Why a pilot project?
Defining a scope
Extending the scope
Implementing the pilot project
Evaluating the results of the pilot project
Chapter 14: Performing the Migration
The steps of the migration
Data transfer
Microsoft Exchange Environment
Lotus Notes environment
Generic tools

What You Will Learn

  • Master collaboration with tools like Google Docs, Google Sites and video sharing
  • Extend Google Apps with Google marketplace and Apps Engine to get one-stop shopping access
  • Manage users and groups and learn other administration tasks
  • Delegate authentication and set up SSO & OpenID
  • Learn selection criteria for SaaS solutions and the impact of SaaS on costs with Google Apps platform
  • Use SaaS and PaaS capabilities by Google to their fullest
  • Identify sets of tasks to be performed at the final migration using a pilot program
  • Integrate Google Apps with the enterprise portal and implement reversibility
  • Secure your data against theft and maintain the privacy of your customers


In Detail

The advent of Cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) is a major turning point for businesses. Google is one of the pioneers of this approach and the collaborative solution of Google Apps offers a set of office tools (email, calendar, word processing, and spread sheet) for a price, which is two to five times more cost-effective than traditional offerings.

This book is all about making your transition to Google Apps fast and easy. It shows you how to develop a customized adoption path, and takes you through extending and securing your apps while teaching you to manage administrative tasks.

The book begins by presenting Google Apps' collaborative and security tools. It then moves on to discuss different ways to extend Google Apps and their integration with development tools like Google App Engine. It also discusses integration with mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry and others. By the end of the book you will be walked through a pilot project and identify the things that need to be done at the time of full migration. This is done using a case study called ‘Advanced integration with information systems’.

This is the English language translation of: Integrer Google Apps dans le SI, copyright Dunod, Paris, 2010


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