Go for Web Development [Video]

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  • Get a web server up and running quickly with Go’s standard library
  • Design a UI with multiple template engines for improved flexibility
  • Call on the services of an external API
  • Get to grips with and incorporate web middleware
  • Use AJAX requests to build a single page web application
  • Integrate Gorilla/MUX for cleaner route handling
  • Create users securely by using bcrypt to hash user passwords
  • Access SQLite and Postgres databases and deploy your application on Heroku

Go is on the rise and showing itself as a powerful option in many software development domains. For web developers seriously considering adopting the language on the server side, Go comes with a very strong and accessible standard library. It makes setting up the architecture for web applications a comfortable experience, and provides a growing ecosystem of tools, libraries, and frameworks that can help you build web applications for delivery on the web.

Go for Web Development gets you started with web development in the language, opening with the classic "Hello world" through building an application with a strongly designed database backend, useful middleware, UI with an intelligent search function, multi-user authentication, and more.

We'll start off by building a web server with Go’s extensive standard library. You’ll learn the concepts of a single page web application and create a dynamic user interface using templates, manipulate a database, and use powerful encryption algorithms to implement an authentication system. We'll also start to incorporate more functionalities by calling out to external libraries from our database. When we've put everything together, we'll show you how package it all up and deploy it into the wild using Heroku.

Style and Approach

This course provides a step-by-step introduction to the tools, frameworks, and libraries you will use for web development with Go, and the tasks you will carry out to build a web project.

  • Create a full-stack web application with the Go language
  • Start to explore Go's web development options
  • Develop a professionally featured application using the best Go has to offer
Course Length 2 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781784397982
Date Of Publication 29 Dec 2015


Larry Price

Larry Price is a software engineer with a passion for exploring the world of programming. He has a wide experience in building softwares with programming languages like go, ruby, javascript, and C++. He fell in love with go  a couple of years ago and has taken every opportunity to utilize it at home and work. He has used go to build web applications or create utility scripts, and often documents the experiences on his blog at larry-price.com.