Getting Started with Twitter Flight

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  • Architect reliable, scalable, component-based applications with Flight
  • Design and build data components for storage and processing
  • Create UI components to handle browser events and modify the DOM
  • Use client-side templating and event delegation to create HTML on the fly
  • Test Flight components by building extensions for the Jasmine test framework

Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript application framework developed by Twitter for It is an exciting alternative to the complexities of modern MVVM frameworks, offering a minimal API that allows you to write fast, reliable, scalable applications with a minimum of boilerplate code.

Getting Started with Twitter Flight offers the reader insight into why Flight was created and how to use it to build performant, powerful web apps from a unique perspective – that of someone who has had the opportunity to work directly with the team that created it. From a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery, you will explore every aspect of Flight through practical examples and detailed explanations.

Learn what separates Flight from other frameworks, why Flight was created, and why you should use it in your next project. Discover the power of Flight’s component-based architecture and use mixins, an exciting alternative to class-based inheritance, to create templating systems and data storage layers.

Getting Started with Twitter Flight provides all you need to know to build everything from UI widgets to large-scale, data-driven applications.

  • Learn how to build scalable, maintainable, modular applications with Flight, Twitter’s cutting-edge JavaScript framework
  • Work through building a simple application from scratch with clear, step-by-step examples
  • Leap ahead of the learning-curve with best practice examples from an experienced Flight developer
Page Count 130
Course Length 3 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781783280957
Date Of Publication 15 Oct 2013


Tom Hamshere

Tom Hamshere is based in North London and has been a frontend developer since 1998, working on a wide variety of projects. He has been a part of the Twitter UK flock since May 2012, focusing primarily on TweetDeck, an awesome JavaScript Twitter client. He was the first developer to implement Flight outside of, and is responsible for a number of Flight-related open source projects, including jasmine-flight and flight-keyboard-shortcuts. When not hacking away at the codeface, Tom enjoys gardening, cooking, skiing, and traveling.