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Getting Started with IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager

William J. Carpenter

Install, customize, and administer the powerful IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management platform using this book and eBook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849680707
Paperback452 pages

About This Book

  • Quickly get up to speed on all significant features and the major components of IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager
  • Provides technical details that are valuable both for beginners and experienced Content Management professionals alike, without repeating product reference documentation
  • Gives a big picture description of Enterprise Content Management and related IT areas to set the context for Content Manager
  • Written by an IBM employee, Bill Carpenter, who has extensive experience in Content Manager product development, this book gives practical tips and notes with a step-by-step approach to design real Enterprise Content Management solutions to solve your business needs


Who This Book Is For

If you are a CIO, an IT manager, an IT staff engineer, or perhaps a business leader, business analyst, or even an end user who wants to better understand the role that Content Manager plays in your enterprise, irrespective of any previous knowledge of IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager or Enterprise Content Management in general, then this book is a must have for you.

And if you are someone who is just starting to work with Content Manager or who is facing a decision about whether to use Content Manager or another solution, be assured you will not find a better guide. Even if you have years of experience, you can still enrich your knowledge with the clear, practical explanations of basic and advanced features. Although it is not a developer’s guide, per se, the API and sample application will help you as an enterprise developer or architect to get your bearings in Content Manager technologies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is ECM?
ECM in three sentences
Use cases
Things to look for in an ECM platform
ECM and standards
What ECM is not
A bit of FileNet history
Chapter 2: Installing Environmental Components
Some important IBM documents
Environmental components
Our target environment
Configuring the environmental components
Scripts and desktop shortcuts
Chapter 3: Installing the Content Engine
An aside about some names
P8 platform architecture
Installing the CE
Chapter 4: Administrative Tools and Tasks
Domain and GCD
Exploring Domain-level items
Exploring Object Store-level Items
Chapter 5: Installing Other Components
Content Search Engine (CSE)
Process Engine server (PE server)
Application Engine (AE)
Workplace XT (XT)
IBM System Dashboard for ECM (SD)
Rendition Engine (RE)
Chapter 6: End User Tools and Tasks
What is Workplace XT?
Entry templates
Workflow interactions
Properties and security
Chapter 7: Major CM Features
Folders and containment
Custom properties and classes
Custom objects
Subscriptions, events, and auditing
Chapter 8: Security Features and Planning
Authentication or authorization?
Authentication in CM
Enterprise directories
Authorization in CM
Chapter 9: Planning Your Deployment
Distributed deployments in functional tiers
Custom applications
Parallel environments
How many domains?
How many Object Stores?
Network security
Supported platforms
Integrating content with workflow
Content storage
Clustering, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery
Distributed deployments
Chapter 10: Included and Add-On Components
Standard CM components
Initiatives and scenarios
Compliance management
IBM Enterprise Records (IER)
Smart Archive Strategy
IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
Other components
Chapter 11: A Taste of Application Development
The Content Engine APIs
Other APIs
Development environments
Chapter 12: The DUCk Sample Application
Business requirements
Design of end-user view
Data model and security model
Technical implementation details
Chapter 13: Support, Fix Packs, and Troubleshooting
Releases and fixes

What You Will Learn

  •  Install IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager along with its supporting components and pre-requisites
  •  Configure the Content Manager components to make them work in unison
  •  Learn the building-block features and uses of Content Manager and related components
  •  Master FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM), the administrator’s tool, to learn the Content Manager features
  •  Perform various tasks in Workplace XT, one of the stand-alone, end-user applications provided with Content  Manager
  •  Explore authentication, authorization, and other security mechanisms to meet your security needs
  •  Plan and deploy the components of an Enterprise Content Management platform to a real-world environment
  •  See how a custom application is designed and created using Content Manager APIs


In Detail

IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager, built on top of the mature FileNet platform, is a complete, world class Enterprise Content Management platform. With its rock solid document management features, tight integration with BPM systems and other components, and rich API set, it is a highly scalable and secure solution to common and uncommon Enterprise Content Management requirements.

Written by a FileNet insider, who is an Enterprise Content Management architect and engineer, this book is a straightforward guide to effectively installing, managing, and administering FileNet P8 Content Manager. It emphasizes practical, specific, and hands-on information about features for building Enterprise Content Management solutions. At every step, real-world tips and important information are called out to save you time and trouble when building customized solutions.

Beginning with an overview of Enterprise Content Management, the book moves quickly to the matter of getting a real Content Manager system up and running. You learn key Content Manager applications that are demonstrated to show you the major concepts that matter you as a developer, administrator, or as an end user. There are separate chapters that describe major platform features, security-related features, and integrations with other commonly used software components. A realistic sample application, designed right in front of you unfolds the genius in IBM Filenet P8 Content Manager. Finally, you take an in-depth look at troubleshooting, support sites, and online resources to help meet your security needs.


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