Fundamentals of Javascript for App Development [Video]

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  • Fundamental-to-advanced JavaScript concepts including promises, classes, and arrow functions
  • Integrating JavaScript with HTML5 code for web applications

If you want to do something useful in web development, start by learning JavaScript. In these days, where the browser is central to all computer use, knowing the language of the browser is the most important step. A few years ago, JavaScript's future was uncertain and many programmers considered it useless. These days however competent programmers have identified JavaScript's real potential and use and it has gone from a toy language to the main browser language. It has become one of the most useful languages of this era. Every developer needs at least a basic understanding of JavaScript.

This course will get you started by teaching all the essential aspects of coding in JavaScript. So... what's it going to be? Do you want to supercharge your career and be in constant demand by employers? Do you want to learn how to create dynamic and innovative JavaScript documents? Start programming today with our JavaScript course and take control of your career!

Style and Approach

This course is designed in such a way that each section covers a new scenario and adopts a step-by-step approach to help you learn and understand the relevant concept.

  • JavaScript syntax, style, and usage with a focus on developing apps
  • Get current with ES6 syntax and usage
Course Length 3 hours 11 minutes
ISBN 9781838824655
Date Of Publication 24 Apr 2019


Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff, according to his parents' frequent claim, was born to be a programmer. In the mid-eighties, when the neighborhood kids were outside playing kickball and throwing snowballs, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64, writing games in the BASIC programming language. Computers and programming continued to be his strong interest in college, where Mark majored in communications and computer science. After completing his college career, Mark worked in the software and web development departments at several large corporations. In 2001, on a whim, while his contemporaries were conquering the dot com world, Mark accepted a position training programmers in a technical training center in Austin, Texas. It was there that Mark fell in love with teaching programming, which has been his passion ever since. Today Mark is a top technical trainer, traveling the country providing training for software and web developers. Mark's training clients include the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover Card Services, and Kaiser Permanente. He has consulted for companies such as Dell, Target, and Lockheed Martin, and government agencies including the US House of Representatives. In addition to traditional classroom training and consulting, Mark releases video tutorial training for aspiring programmers on his websites. He lives in coastal Connecticut near the Connecticut River, where he is in the process of redecorating his house.