Front-End Web Development using Go [Video]

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  • Perform DOM operations with GopherJS
  • Use XHR and WebSockets for client/server communication
  • Upload client-side image and client-side forms
  • Transmit gob encoded data over XHR
  • Create a 3D scene in the web browser
  • Read and write to local storage
  • Implement a single page application
  • Explore client-side routing and template rendering
  • Build a feature-rich social media website

Go is one of the most powerful, efficient, and highly performant programming languages. Go is not only a powerful tool that can be utilized on the server-side but one that can be utilized on the client-side as well. With the power of Go and GopherJS, we can create feature-rich, client-side applications that run directly inside the web browser.

In this video course, we will provide deep insight into front-end web development using Go. We start off by covering the fundamental mechanics of front-end web development such as performing common DOM operations, accessing native JavaScript functionality, making XHR calls, rendering templates on the client-side, transmitting Gob encoded data, and communicating over a WebSocket connection. We also show you how to make your Go programs interoperable with JavaScript and how to read and write to the web browser’s local storage. We then demonstrate how to create a Single Page Application by implementing client-side routing and directly rendering templates in the web browser itself. Utilizing the valuable knowledge presented in this course, you will be taught how to build GopherFace, a fully functioning Social Media website with incredible features.

Style and Approach

This video course provides a pragmatic approach to learning front-end web development using Go. Each video provides in-depth knowledge on a topic with a number of hands-on examples. As you progress through the course, we continue to elevate your skills to the next level.

  • Master the art of building modern, front-end web applications using Go
  • Understand how to develop powerful, feature-rich, client-side web applications
  • Every concept presented comes with a working, hands-on, code example to reinforce your ability to master the concept
Course Length 3 hours 41 minutes
ISBN 9781788398916
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2017


Kamesh Balasubramanian

Kamesh Balasubramanian is the Founder and CEO of Wirecog, LLC. He is the inventor of Wireframe Cognition (Wirecog), an award-winning, patented technology that allows machines to understand wireframe designs and produce source code from them. Kamesh has over 20 years of software development experience and has implemented numerous solutions in the advertising, entertainment, media, publishing, hospitality, video game, legal, and government sectors. He is an award-winning, professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery and an InfyMaker Award winner. He was recognized as a “Maker of Change” at the 2016 World Maker Faire in New York and, upon request, has demonstrated Wirecog at MIT.