Flash Facebook Cookbook

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  • Plot user Checkins on a map component, and publish new Checkins on behalf of a user.
  • Authenticate with Facebook on behalf of a user.
  • Manage and request additional data read or publishing permissions from Facebook.
  • Use the search capabilities of the Graph API to retrieve specific information.
  • Request specific information from Facebook using SQL-like FQL queries.
  • Retrieve and create cross-links between different objects in the Graph API.
  • Create new Events, invite users and retrieve and modify RSVP information for authenticated users.
  • Integration with Facebook and AJAX sharing dialogs.

Flash applications are popular and becoming increasingly social. With flash applications for facebook you can tap into a potential audience of half a billion existing users, their connections and affiliations, their uploaded images, posts, comments and more.

The Flash Facebook Cookbook is packed with recipes for the Graph API and FQL, used for reading and writing data as well as interacting with Facebook anonymously or on behalf of an authorised Facebook User.

The topics covered by the recipes in this Cookbook include working with News feeds, uploading Photos, searching for and plotting Places on a map and much more. The cookbook has recipes ranging from those that work without any authentication with Facebook to those that do, and act on behalf of a user. Packed with recipes that yield practical demonstrations of the Graph API functionality, the Flash Facebook Cookbook is an essential tool for Flash Platform developers.

  • Work with the key Graph API objects and their social connections, using the Facebook ActionScript 3 SDK.
  • Create new Checkins at Facebook Places and plot existing Checkins and Facebook Places on Flex mapping components.
  • Upload image files or generated images to Facebook.
  • Packed full of solutions using a recipe-based approach.
Page Count 388
Course Length 11 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781849690720
Date Of Publication 24 Aug 2011


James Ford

James Ford lives and works in the relatively sedate Midlands of England, and is constantly thankful that he doesn’t have to contend with public transport or large volumes of traffic on a regular basis. Occasionally being stuck behind a tractor for several miles is a small price to pay for that! Macromedia Flash 8 represented his first serious interaction with a programming language, an epiphany whereupon his BA in Design for Interactive Media became far more focused on the Programming side of things than the Art (although it turned out okay). He considers himself to be fortunate to have encountered the Flash Platform when he did, as during that time between first contact and today, the Flash Platform has evolved at just the right pace to enable him to keep up with the latest shiny new features. In addition to developing Facebook-integrated Flash Player applications, James has also developed a few AIR applications, built a couple of Apps for iOS and Android devices, helped develop a load of websites, and blogs about all of this on his website: http://www.psyked.co.uk/.