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Ext.NET Web Application Development

Anup Shah

If you’re looking to build .NET based rich internet applications, look no further. This is the ideal primer that takes you step by step through the practical aspects of combining Ext.NET and Ext JS, and much more.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693240
Paperback410 pages

About This Book

  • Build rich internet applications using the power of Ext.NET controls
  • Learn how Ext.NET leverages Sencha’s popular Ext JS JavaScript framework to provide a full client-server web development experience
  • Full of examples and tips, with clear step-by-step instructions

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for .NET Web Application Developers who are familiar with ASP.NET looking to build .NET based Rich Internet Applications. Whether you are new to Ext JS or you are looking to use your existing Ext JS skills in a .NET environment, this book will be useful for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Ext.NET
An overview of Ext.NET
Getting Ext.NET
A walkthrough – creating a simple ASP.NET project with Ext.NET enabled
A walkthrough – creating a simple ASP.NET MVC Project with Razor and Ext.NET enabled
Chapter 2: Ext.NET Controls Overview
Control overview
Events in Ext.NET
Container components
Complex components
Even more!
Chapter 3: Layout with Ext.NET
Border layout
Accordion layout
Fit Layout
HBox layout
VBox layout
Many other layouts
Further resources and examples
Chapter 4: AJAX with Ext.NET
AJAX options specific to certain controls
Ultimate performance option: avoid AJAX!
Chapter 5: Working with Data
Chapter 6: Introducing GridPanels
GridPanel – overview
Simple grid
Column types
AJAX-based proxies
Column summaries
Row expanding
Selection models
Grid editing
Many more GridPanel capabilities not covered here
Chapter 7: Forms and Validation
Form fields – overview
Form layout
Form validation
Manually submitting a form
Binding Stores and Records to a form
Chapter 8: Trees and Tabs with Ext.NET
Chapter 9: Extending Ext.NET – Custom Controls and Plugins
Basic control builder
Extending Ext.NET controls
Using plugins
Plugins versus extending components
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting and Debugging
Debugging and troubleshooting Ext.NET applications
Browser developer tools
Getting support from Ext.NET

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how Ext.NET and Ext JS fit together to help create applications with seamless server side integration
  • Learn how to organize controls and layouts to create highly interactive UIs with the richness of desktop-like applications
  • Understand the different AJAX options available to interact with the server and choose the techniques that suit your needs
  • Know the various options to represent and model data, locally or remotely, and reuse them where needed
  • Learn how to build sophisticated grids, trees, and other AJAX-based components that interact with the server efficiently
  • Gain confidence in extending components and creating plugins for reusability and maintainability
  • Create user-friendly forms with rich and custom client and server side validation
  • Learn how to troubleshoot your applications

In Detail

To build a rich internet application, you need to integrate a powerful client side JavaScript framework with a server side framework. Ext.NET achieves this by integrating Sencha’s Ext JS framework with the power of ASP.NET. The result – a sophisticated framework offering a vast array of controls, layout, and powerful AJAX and server bindings, which can be used to build rich, highly usable web applications.

"Ext.NET Web Application Development" shows you how to build rich applications using Ext.NET. Examples guide you through Ext.NET’s various components using both ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC examples. You will also see how Ext.NET handles data binding and server integration. You will also learn how to create reusable components and put them together in great looking applications.

This book guides you through the various Ext.NET components and capabilities to enable you to create highly usable Ext.NET components and web applications.

You will learn about various UI components and numerous layout options through examples. You will see how the AJAX architecture enables you to create powerful data-oriented applications easily. This book will also teach you how to create reusable custom components to suit your needs.

"Ext.NET Web Application Development" shows you how to create rich and usable applications using Ext.NET through numerous examples.


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